A whole new way to control devices 

on touch screens

What is eWeLink Cast?

eWeLink Cast is a new feature of eWeLink, which gives you quick access to control eWeLink support devices and scenes by allowing you to create multiple Cast dashboards to meet different needs, what devices & scenes are displayed on each cast dashboard is up to you.

Create & Configure your Cast dashboards on eWeLink web*.

Add your devices & scenes to the dashboard, sort them by simply drag and drop.

Get Started with your Cast dashboard by login with your eWeLink account.

What can I do with eWeLink Cast?

Set your favourite dashboard of your devices and scenes, and turn any idle tablet into the unique controller of your smart home.
Sort the devices and scenes by simply drag and drop on the settings page in eWeLink web.

Access to the unified Cast URL to switch between dashboards on a single tablet.

Lock the dashboard by setting an access PIN code, to avoid unwanted dashboard switching.

Unleash your DIY potential, make the tablet and wall blend together as your customized smart home controller. 

Tips updating

How to display eWeLink Cast dashboard in full screen

When you want to use the tablet as a control panel for a long time, you may find that the tablet cannot hide its status/notification bar, and even the address bar of some browsers can take up a little screen height, just a little bit away from perfection.

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How to prevent others from switching your Cast dashboards?

How to set a PIN code for the dashboard to prevent others from switching your Cast dashboards? eWeLink Cast allows you to create up to 5 dashboards and to switch between them on a single tablet, when you display a dashboard on your tablet and don’t want others to switch to another, try setting PIN code.

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Version Release date Release Note
V 1.0.0
August 9, 2022
V 1.1.0
Planned September 7, 2022
V 1.2.0
Planned by the end of September
V 1.3.0
Feature collecting, planned in the middle of October

Have request of widget or feature?
Weather, calendar, or power consumption chart?


Currently supports most of the Wi-Fi switches/sockets and some of the Zigbee switches, we’re working on adding more devices.

Please refer to Q1, lights, sensors and other devices will be supported soon.

Currently you can create up to 5 dashboards.

Yes, one eWeLink account can log into to the Cast page ( on multiple tablets at the same time, allowing you to display different dashboards on each tablet.

(Note: the eWeLink web does not support multi-device login)

We’ve tested Cast on some resolution that work well:

1024 x 768 1280 x 800 2048 x 1536 2732 x 2048

Theoretically the Cast page will automatically adapt to varies size/resolution tablets (both iPad & Android pads), but there may be problems on some special resolution Android tablets, please try to adjust the resolution or font size in the system settings of tablet. If there are still problems, please make a simple post in our forum to describe your problem:

1280 x 800 cost-effective Android tablets for your reference:

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