Introducing eWeLink CAST APP

Welcome to eWeLink CAST App! 

Your eWeLink CAST dashboards are now available in App Way!

Access, control, and experience your smart home devices in a stylish dashboard, no matter if it’s Cloud-based or Locally CUBE-managed. With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use design, you can conveniently control your devices, monitor your home’s status, execute automated actions, get more information with widgets, and enjoy many other features.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • 🌟 Intuitive Interface: Say goodbye to complicated controls! Our user-friendly interface simplifies smart device management. Effortlessly navigate through the app and easily control your devices.
  • 🌍 Remote Control: Gain full control of your smart devices from anywhere in the world. Turn lights on/off, adjust the temperature, activate security cameras, and more, all with a simple tap on your smartphone or tablet.
  • 🎬 Scene Performing: Set the perfect ambiance with personalized scenes. With just one tap, dim the lights, close the blinds, and adjust the temperature for an unforgettable movie night.
  • 📊 Usage Tracking: Stay informed about your device power usage with real-time charts. Identify energy-hungry devices and adjust your consumption strategy instantly to save energy and money.
  • 🏠 Home Status Monitoring: Keep an eye on your home’s temperature and humidity with automatically updated charts. Stay informed about the ambient conditions with just a glance.
  • 📱 Full Screen Display: With the eWeLink CAST app, your dashboard will be displayed in full screen, giving you an immersive smart home experience.
  • 🔀 Cloud & Local: Easily add and switch between Cloud CAST & Local CAST.
  • 🔒 Data Security and Privacy: Your security is our priority. Rest assured knowing that your information is encrypted and protected, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a connected home without any worries.

Discover the convenience and endless possibilities of smart living with eWeLink CAST. Simplify your life, enhance comfort, and make your home smarter than ever before. Download now and embrace the future of smart home technology!


  • eWeLink CAST App is available on both Android tablet and iPad.
  • This app is designed for Tablet, it is not recommended to install on mobile phones.
  • When using the eWeLink App to scan the QR code, make sure your eWeLink App version is ≥ 4.33 (App updates for ios may be later than for Android, if your eWeLink App is on iOS, please login via Account&Password.)

Download on Google Play: Google Play

Download apk file: APK file

Download on AppStore

Detailed Tutorial: eWeLink CAST APP – User Guide

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