What’s new in eWeLink Cast V1.1

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⛵️Sep 7, 2022 Version 1.1.0

Since we launched the eWeLink CAST V1.0 (beta) on August 9th, we have received a lot of feedback about device support, combine these feedback and some data, in the new version v1.1 we have added support for a number of devices, and fixed some bugs.

🌊New devices supported

①Lights: most of the LED bulbs and some of the LED light strips.

②Sensors: Motion sensor, Door/window sensor, Temperature and Humidity Sensor.

③Switches: Some more switches are added.

④iFAN: additionally, we have added support for Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan And Light Controller.

cast V1.1

🌊Bug fixes

  • Some users have found that Cast does not open on some older iPads and Android tablets, we have done some research on this and indeed the older devices are not compatible with the new technology we use, we have made optimizations on the new version and now Cast works on those devices.
  • Other bugs fixed.

🌊Feature improvement

In version 1.0, we found that it was not very easy to enter PIN code on some tablets, so in version 1.1 we added a virtual keyboard for the code input, now it is much easier.


🌊Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out the following

Support of more devices
Weather and Date widgets
UI optimization

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