What’s new in eWeLink Cast V1.3

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⛵️November 1, 2022 Version 1.3.0

We have updated eWeLink Cast to version 1.3 and included some new features.

First, we’ve changed the color of Cast dashboard to a warm one, hope you like it.

(We plan to add the ability to change the background, which has not yet been implemented.)

ipad V1.3 -压缩

🌊Added support for the following devices

SONOFF DUAL R3, in previous version Cast supports only Switch Mode, now the Motor Mode and Meter Mode are supported also. You can control your roller shutter right on the Cast dashboard now.

eWeLink curtains. Now you can control your curtains/blinds on the Cast dashboard.

DUAL R3-压缩

🌊New features added

  • Calendar & Weather widget: Check time, date and recent weather right on the dashboard.
  • Energy Consumption Chart for power monitoring devices: Quickly view the last 7 days of electricity usage.
  • Device icon changeable: Change the icon of your 1-way switch in the eWeLink app and the change will be synced to the Cast dashboard.  (In the app, go to device settings, select Display As, currently only 1-channel switch supported)
  • Release note: Added version number to the home page of Cast, click it to view the release note.

🌊Feature improvement

We have optimized the UI controls for light devices, you can now also drag the brightness bar on the computer web page to dim the light, just like on the tablet.

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