Introducing eWeLink Cast – a whole new way to control devices on touch screens

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1. What is eWeLink Cast?

  • eWeLink Cast is a new feature of eWeLink, which gives you quick access to control eWeLink devices and scenes by allowing you to create multiple cast dashboards to meet different needs, what devices & scenes are displayed on each cast dashboard is up to you.
  • You can access any of the cast dashboards you have created via a web browser at, using a tablet is highly recommend , and hanging the tablet on the wall as your control panel for long-term use.

2. What can I do with eWeLink Cast?

  • Create different dashboards for different purposes, like devices and scenes set for your parents or kids. 
  • Switch between dashboards with one eWeLink account to manage your smart home more efficiently. 
  • Lock a dashboard with a 4-digit PIN code, to avoid unexpected dashboard switching. 
  • Keep cast dashboard running on your unused tablet, turn it into a daily-used controller. 
  • Quickly view weather, device power consumption and other information on cast dashboard. (We’re working on this)

3. How do I use the eWeLink Cast?

Join the Advanced Plan

Firstly, eWeLink Cast is an add-on for eWeLink web, that means you need to be in the Advanced Plan to use eWeLink web. If you’re not, please visit to join the plan.

Create a cast dashboard

We suggest to create and configure your cast dashboards on a PC.

  • Visit eWeLink web and login with your eWeLink account.
  • Go to eWeLink Cast menu and hit the add button to create your first cast dashboard.
  • Enter a name for your cast dashboard.
  • Select the devices and scenes you want to add to this cast dashboard from left.
  • Drag and drop the icons in the preview area on the right to sort them.
  • PIN Code is optional, lock the dashboard by setting PIN code to prevent unwanted dashboards switching.
  • Save your settings and the cast dashboard is created.

Visit the cast dashboard

Use a tablet for dashboard displaying is recommended.

  • Visit and login with your eWeLink account, all the cast dashboards you created are shown here.
  • Tap a dashboard and enter the PIN Code ( if you have set it ).
  • Now you can run the manual scenes or control the devices here.

Please note that eWeLink supported devices will be integrated into the CAST one by one, currently, the supported device types are switches and sockets, we are working on the integration of more types, please stay tuned or rise a request post via, your ideas will be considered preferentially.

4. Cast on NSPanel Pro

  • eWeLink Cast for the web allows you to visit different cast dashboards on a large-screen tablet, while if you prefer to use Cast on a smaller screen which could be fixed into your house, SONOFF NSPanel Pro would be a good choice, it has eWeLink Cast as its software foundation, the built-in Cast interface has been specially adapted to fit it.
  • With NSPanel Pro, your smart home could be much more integrated, while with the web edition you can be more free to use larger Cast anywhere.
  • Purchase NSPanel Pro here:
  • Tested Products

5. FAQ

Q1. What devices does eWeLink Cast support?

–Currently supports most of the Wi-Fi switches/sockets and some of the Zigbee switches, we’re working on adding more devices.

Q2. Why does my device(s) not show up on the configuration page?

–Please refer to Q1, lights, sensors and other devices will be supported soon.

Q3. How many Cast dashboards can I create?

–Currently you can create up to 5 dashboards.

Q4. Can I open different dashboards on different tablets at the same time?

–Yes, one eWeLink account can log into to the Cast page ( on multiple tablets at the same time, allowing you to display different dashboards on each tablet. The upper limit is 5 logins.

(Note: the eWeLink web does not support multi-device login)

Q5. Do I need to join the Advanced Plan if I buy a NSPanel Pro (or other eWeLink Cast based hardware) ?

–No, you don’t. The built-in Cast is part of a hardware product that you already pay for.

Q6. What tablets should I use for displaying cast dashboard?

Recommended OS version: 

iOS&iPadOS ≥ 12.5

Android ≥ 8.0

Recommended resolution:

1024 x 768 1280 x 800 2048 x 1536 2732 x 2048

Theoretically the Cast page will automatically adapt to varies size/resolution tablets (both iPad & Android pads), but there may be problems on some special resolution Android tablets, please try to adjust the resolution or font size in the system settings of tablet. If there are still problems, please make a simple post in our forum to describe your problem:

Here are some 1280 x 800 Android tablets for your reference:

Although eWeLink Cast is a web-based service, the proper running of the framework and widgets still depends on the ability of tablets. The information provided is to the best of our knowledge but may not be 100% accurate for all tablets models.

Following are tested devices that can visit Cast page normally, you are also welcome to fill out this survey to let us know if your tablets on hand work properly with Cast or not, we will also update your feedback on the list for reference.

Brand Model OS version Resolution Browser
iPad Air 2nd Gen 2014
iPadOS 15.6
2048 x 1536
iPad Air 4th Gen 2020
iPadOS 16
2360 x 1640
iPad Pro 11'' 2021
iPadOS 15.6
2388 x 1668
iPad Pro 12.9'' 2017
iPadOS 15.6
2732 x 2048
iPad Pro 11'' 2020
iPadOS 15.5
2388 x 1668
iPad mini 5
iPadOS 15.5
2048 x 1536
Pad X7
Android 10
1280 x 800
Galaxy S10 (Phone)
Android 11
3040 x 1440
Honor 9 (Phone)
Android 9
1920 x 1080
MI 5 (Phone)
Android 8
1920 x 1080
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