What’s new in eWeLink Cast V1.5

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⛵️V1.4   (2022.12.24)

We have updated eWeLink Cast to version 1.5 and included some new features.

🌊Devices Supported

  • eWeLink Cameras (SONOFF GK-200MP2-B/Cam Slim, etc.)
  • eWeLink Light Strips (SONOFF L2/L3/L3Pro, etc.)
  • eWeLink smart switch SONOFF DUAL R3 Lite
  • Some Yeelight smart lights

🌊New Features

  • Dashboards can be sorted on settings page.
  • Now you can watch the camera’s live stream on Cast dashboard.
  • 2-channel power monitoring devices now can show the charts of both 2 channels. (SONOFF DUAL R3)

🌊Feature Optimization

  • Light controller added ON/OFF button
  • Scene button added animation effects
  • Layout optimized
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