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The latest update of the eWeLink app, version 5.7, brings significant enhancements to elevate your smart home experience. With new features like Android Auto integration, expanded widget support, and enhanced presence simulation, managing your smart home devices has never been more convenient or efficient.

Added Support for Android Auto

One of the standout features in eWeLink App V5.7 is its new support for Android Auto, making it possible to control your smart home devices directly from your car’s display. Now, users can effortlessly control their smart home while on the go, directly from their car’s infotainment system. With just a tap, preset scenes like “Arrive Home” can be activated, automatically triggering a sequence of actions such as opening the garage door and turning on lights, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance upon arrival. Additionally, the Family Sharing feature allows you to share control of manual scenes with family members, so everyone in the household can enjoy the convenience of in-car smart home management.
Added Support for Android Auto

Enhanced Support for Android Widgets

The app update also bolsters the functionality of Android widgets, allowing users to manage a broader range of smart home products directly from their home screen. The “Device Control 2×2” and “Device Control 4×2” widgets now support devices like four-channel plugs, RGBCW LED bulb lights, Wi-Fi smart dimmer switches, dual-channel plugs, and smart wall switches, ensuring effortless control at a glance.

Device Type

Product Name

Four-Channel Plug_Support 2.4G eWeLink-Remote

Coolkit BL1-S40-01(141), Coolkit CK-BL602-TC-01 (141), Coolkit CK-BL602-4SW-HS-03(141)-1, Coolkit CK-BL602-4SW-HS-03(141)

RGBCW LED Bulb Light


Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer Switch


Dual-Channel Plug_Support 2.4G eWeLink-Remote

Coolkit BL1-S04-01(139), Coolkit CK-BL602-4SW-HS(139)

SONOFF SwitchMan Smart Wall Switch


Enhanced Support for Android Widgets

Presence Simulation Now Supports DUALR3 and DUALR3 Lite

eWeLink App V5.7 expands the Presence Simulation section in Insight to include support for DUALR3 and DUALR3 Lite devices. This feature simulates an occupied home by randomly turning lights and appliances on and off during set times, creating the illusion of activity and deterring potential intruders when users are away.

Presence Simulation Now Supports DUALR3 and DUALR3 Lite
eWeLink App V5.7 is packed with new features designed to make smart home management more convenient, automated, and secure. With Android Auto integration, enhanced widget support, and expanded presence simulation capabilities, this update offers significant improvements to enrich your smart home experience. Upgrade to eWeLink App V5.7 and take advantage of these exciting new features.
eWeLink App version 5.7 has been submitted to the Google Play Store and it will be accessible gradually. iOS users can anticipate the release by the end of June. Stay tuned for an elevated smart living experience!

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