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Experience a new level of smart home control with the latest eWeLink app update, version 5.5. This update introduces a significant upgrade to the Android widget experience, combining refined UI design with expanded support for Zigbee single-channel plugs and switches, ensuring seamless control over your smart home devices.

What's New with Android Widgets in eWeLink App V5.5?

The “Manual Scene 2×2” widget interface has undergone meticulous optimization, now featuring sleek loading animations and execution result displays for an enhanced interaction experience. Additionally, the inclusion of support for Zigbee single-channel plugs and switches allows effortless management of a wider range of smart home products directly from your home screen using either the “Device Control 2×2” or “Device Control 4×2” widget.
Here are some of the supported devices for Android widgets in the eWeLink app 5.5:

Device Type

Product Name

Zigbee single-channel switch


Zigbee single-channel switch


Zigbee single-channel plug



Android Widgets in eWeLink App 5.5

Widget Sizes to Suit Your Preferences

At eWeLink, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to widgets may not suit everyone’s needs. That’s why the eWeLink app offers Android users a variety of widget size options to cater to their personalized preferences and available screen space:
Device Control 1×1″: Perfect for showcasing a single device.
“Device Control 2×2”: Enhanced control with support for various device types such as switches, plugs, lights, and curtains.
“Device Control 4×2”: Conveniently view multiple devices at once for quick oversight.
“Manual Scene 2×2”: Tailored specifically for manual scenes, adding an extra layer of customization to your control.
Widget Sizes

How to Customize Your Android Widgets?

Editing your Android widgets is a breeze:

1. Long-press an empty area on your home screen and select “Widgets” to access a range of options.

2. Choose your preferred widget type to match your specific needs.

3. Choose devices or manual scenes, with the added convenience of filtering by home.

4. Once your selection is confirmed, the widgets will seamlessly appear on your home screen, ready for immediate use.

eWeLink Android Widgets
With this update, eWeLink continues to push the boundaries of smart home control, bringing you a more optimized and expansive experience right at your fingertips.
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