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The eWeLink app has received a new update to version 5.5, packed with enhanced features to make your smart home experience even more intuitive and customizable. This update brings improvements to the Presence Simulation in Insight, the Android widget, and the response time of the home page.
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Set Device Runtime Duration in Presence Simulation

Presence Simulation in Insight helps you switch devices on and off randomly to simulate someone being at home. The Presence Simulation has been upgraded to allow users to set custom device runtime durations for simulated devices. Previously, devices would remain on for at least 10 minutes during the simulation. With version 5.5, you can now customize the on-duration to match your preferences, ranging from 1 minute to 23 hours and 59 minutes.
This added flexibility ensures that the simulation closely mimics real-life scenarios, enhancing the realism and effectiveness of the feature. Whether you prefer shorter durations of operation or extended periods of simulated presence, eWeLink has got you covered.
Presence Simulation

Optimized Android Widget UI and Expanded Device Support

Our latest update brings improvements to Android widgets. With optimized UI design and added support for Zigbee single-channel plugs and switches, controlling your smart home has never been easier. Enjoy seamless interaction with your devices through the enhanced “Manual Scene 2×2” widget, complete with loading animations and execution result displays. Additionally, with support for Zigbee single-channel plugs and switches, you can effortlessly manage a broader range of smart devices directly from your home screen using the “Device Control 2×2” or “Device Control 4×2” widget.
Android Widget

Reduced Home Page Response Time

With the latest update to eWeLink App V5.5, we’ve significantly improved the response time of the home page, especially when dealing with multiple devices. This means you’ll experience faster loading times and smoother navigation, allowing you to access and control your smart home devices more efficiently.

eWeLink App V5.5

The eWeLink team remains committed to continuously refining and enhancing the app’s performance, ensuring that your smart home experience is not only feature-rich but also consistently smooth and responsive. With each update, we strive to deliver an exceptional user experience, enabling you to fully embrace the convenience and automation that smart home technology has to offer.


eWeLink App version 5.5 has been submitted to the Google Play Store and it will be accessible gradually. iOS users can anticipate the release by the end of April. Stay tuned for an elevated smart living experience!

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