Enhancing Home Security with Presence Simulation in eWeLink Insight

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Are you often away from home for extended periods? Worried about potential intruders? eWeLink‘s Presence Simulation section in Insight can help provide peace of mind by simulating your presence and deterring unwanted visitors.

How Does Presence Simulation Work?

Presence Simulation allows you to set random timers for your smart home devices, making lights and appliances turn on and off randomly during the selected time. This random pattern creates the illusion that someone is home, even when you’re miles away. It’s a simple yet effective way to enhance home security while you’re traveling or at work.
Presence Simulation

Setting Up Presence Simulation

Getting started with Presence Simulation is a breeze. Simply open the eWeLink app, navigate to the Presence Simulation section in Insight, and follow these steps:
1. Tap “Add” to access the Presence Simulation Settings page.
2. Enter a name for your simulation schedule.
3. Set the effective period during which the simulation will run.
4. Decide whether you want the schedule to repeat on weekdays and weekends.
5. Select the smart devices you want to include in the simulation.
6. Once configured, your chosen devices will turn on and off randomly within the specified time frame, mimicking your usual home activity patterns.
Setting Up Presence Simulation

Enhancements in eWeLink V5.4

The latest version of the eWeLink app V5.4 introduces a new feature for Presence Simulation: the ability to select specific channels for multi-channel devices. This enhancement allows for more realistic simulations, especially when using smart plugs or switches with multiple channels.

Upcoming Improvements

The eWeLink smart home is continuously working to improve the Presence Simulation experience. In the upcoming app version 5.5 (scheduled for April), users will gain the ability to set the duration for which devices remain on during the simulation.
Currently, devices will stay on for at least 10 minutes but not longer than the set period. However, recognizing that user preferences may vary, the new update will allow you to customize the on-duration for simulated devices, ranging from 1 minute to 23 hours and 59 minutes. This flexibility ensures that the simulation matches your specific needs and preferences, further enhancing the realism and effectiveness of the feature.
With eWeLink smart home’s Presence Simulation, you can enjoy greater peace of mind while away from home, knowing that your smart devices are working to deter potential intruders and protect your property. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and security enhancements in future app releases.

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