What’s new in eWeLink CAST V2.4-2.6

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⛵️V2.6 (2023.12.15)


  • The following device tiles support larger sizes: Wi-Fi Door contact sensors, Zigbee wireless buttons, Zigbee temperature and humidity sensors, Zigbee motion sensors, Zigbee door and window sensors, Zigbee water leak sensors.

  • Custom text tiles support code snippets embedded in iframe tags to adaptively display content.

  • Added support for RF gateway to display the number of remote controls.

⛵️V2.5 (2023.9.20)


  1. Now you can add a time widget to your dashboard. ( a larger size will be available in next update )
  2. The text widget now supports two sizes, the larger size can be used as a to-do list and you can switch the size on the settings page.
  3. Temp.&Humid. sensors with screens like SNZB-02D are supported now.

⛵️V2.4 (2023.6.29)


New features:

Text Widget

Now you can create text widgets and use them as titles or reminders.

Group Control

The groups you created in eWeLink app can now be added to Cast dashboard.

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