Voice Call is now available in CAST App V1.1

Voice Call is now available in CAST App! 

We’re thrilled to announce that it’s been over a month since we launched the eWeLink CAST APP and now it has an update V1.1!
In this update, we added a Voice Call feature in the side menu for two-way calls with NSPanel Pro or other CAST apps, and receive calls from the eWeLink App.
With the intuitive and user-friendly eWeLink CAST APP, you’re in complete control of your smart home devices. Dim the lights, power up your devices, and switch between scenes, all with a few simple taps on your tablet! It’s smart home management made effortless!
If you haven’t try the eWeLink CAST APP, try it today!

Search for eWeLink CAST on Google Play or Amazon App Store.

Or download apk: Link



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