eWeLink CAST V2.6 – iframe tags supported

The release of eWelink CAST v2.6 brought exciting new capabilities for you to customize and enrich your smart home control dashboards. One major addition was support for iframe tags, allowing the embedding of external web content directly into the CAST interface. This opened up countless possibilities for integrating multimedia, web apps, and other dynamic functionality that was previously impossible within the closed CAST platform.


One particularly popular use case is embedding YouTube videos and Spotify music players. By adding a simple iframe snippet pointing to the video or music on these platforms, you can now watch instructional smart home tutorials or stream background music right alongside your smart home controls. Importantly, the iframe widget size can be changed between 4×4 and 4×6, making it easy to integrate content. The seamless integration enriches the experience and utility of the dashboard.


Beyond entertainment, iframes also enable pulling in web apps like calendars, toggling IoT capabilities like IFTTT applets, or displaying security camera feeds. Web developers can even create custom interfaces or visualizations and embed them into CAST. The iframe element essentially tears down the walled garden limitations, inviting a world of web content into the dashboard.


Overall, iframe support unlocks new possibilities for customization and innovation within eWelink CAST. Users are already creating beautiful, functional dashboards with multimedia and web integrations that were never before possible. It will be exciting to see what creative use cases the community dreams up next now that the gates are wide open for embedding third-party web content.

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