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The latest iteration of the eWeLink App, version 5.2, is now available, featuring four significant updates aimed at enhancing your smart home experience. These include smart home widget enhancement, customization of smart scene notifications, increased precision in temperature difference settings to 0.5 °C, and the introduction of support for Matter lights.
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Android Widget Upgrade: Sorted Devices and Scenes in Homes

In the eWeLink App v5.2 update, we’ve refined the process of creating Android widgets. Devices and manual scenes are now neatly sorted by home, providing a seamless experience. When adding widgets, you can conveniently filter devices and manual scenes by home. This upgrade streamlines the selection process, saving time with features like one-click select all and one-click deselect all.

Filter Devices by Home:

When adding the “Device Control 4×2” widget, the device selection page now allows you to filter devices by home. Easily locate devices specific to a particular home, and take advantage of multi-select, deselect, select all, and deselect all operations for a more convenient device selection experience. 

Filter Manual Scenes by Home:

Similarly, the “Manual Scene 2×2” widget supports filtering by home on the selection page. Swiftly choose a desired manual scene within a specific home, simplifying the process and enhancing efficiency when adding widgets across different households.
Android Widget

Customizable Smart Scene Notifications

In previous versions, eWeLink sent fixed system notifications when smart home scenes were triggered. In the eWeLink App v5.2 update, we’ve upgraded scene notifications to provide a more flexible and personalized experience.  Now, when creating smart home scenes, you can enrich push notifications with custom messages, supporting up to 100 characters. You can easily customize reminders, device information, operation suggestions, and other key details. For example, configure a “Sunset mode” scene with a personalized push message like “All the curtains are closed; the lights in the courtyard and living room are on.”
Push notification

Improved Temperature Difference Accuracy

The temperature difference trigger functionality can be made more flexible to meet personalized user needs. For example, users could choose any two temperature and humidity devices for comparison, enabling triggers based on differences between rooms, floors, or indoor vs outdoor. In eWeLink App 5.2, temperature difference setting precision is now accurate to 0.5°C, enabling more precise fine-tuning of values. This higher precision caters to diverse geographic and seasonal needs, ensuring comfort even in extreme weather.

Temperature Difference

Support Adding Matter Lights

Excitingly, the eWeLink smart home now supports adding  Matter lights with dimmable, cool-warm, and colorful capabilities.  You can seamlessly scan and control Matter lights within the app for a more integrated smart home experience.  Customize brightness, change colors, and adjust color temperature to suit various occasions and needs. Note that when adding Matter light devices, a Matter hub is required. eWeLink-supported Matter hub is NSPanel Pro. Please update it to the latest firmware version 2.0.0.  
Matter Light

eWeLink App version 5.2 has been submitted to the Google Play Store and it will be accessible gradually. iOS users can expect the rollout at the end of December. Stay tuned for an enhanced smart living experience!



Q: Matter Smart Home Standard: What is it?

A: Matter Smart Home Standard is an open-source connectivity standard that aims to increase compatibility among smart home products and increase their security. By establishing a common language for smart home devices, Matter is poised to ignite innovation within the smart home industry, paving the way for the development of novel and compelling products and services.

Q: Which Matter Devices Are Currently Supported by the eWeLink App?

A: Plugs have been accessible since eWeLink App V5.0, while Version 5.2 introduces support for adding Matter lights with dimmable, cool-warm, and colorful capabilities. As we move forward, our future plans include expanding the array of Matter devices supported by the app.

Q: How to Add and Edit eWeLink Widgets on Your Phone?



1. Long-press an empty space on your home screen and tap “Widgets”.

2. Choose an eWeLink home screen widget type.

3. Select devices or manual scenes you want to control.

4. Enjoy instant access to your selections on your home screen.


1. Open the eWeLink app, and go to Profile > Widgets.

2. Tap “Add” and choose desired devices.

3. Save your selections and exit the app.

4. Open Today View, tap “Edit” > “Customize”.

5. Add “eWeLink-Device Shortcuts” to your home screen widgets.

6. Access your chosen devices directly on your iPhone’s home screen

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