eWeLink App V5.0: Updated Widget and Convenient Device Adding Entry

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eWeLink has always been the preferred choice for smart home enthusiasts, and the latest upgrade to version 5.0 brings exciting new features that will enhance your smart home experience. With updated Android widgets and a more convenient device-adding entry, these enhancements cater to both novices and experienced users. In this article, we will explore these upgrades and the benefits they offer.
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Updated eWeLink Widget: Effortless Smart Home Control

What Are eWeLink Widgets?

eWeLink widgets allow you to place convenient shortcuts or controls for your smart devices directly on your phone’s home screen. These widgets provide quick and easy access to control your devices without the need to open the eWeLink app.

Widget Innovation: At-a-Glance Smart Home Control

eWeLink App V5.0 has enhanced Android widgets, making it even easier to control your smart home devices and manual scenes directly from your home screen. Compared to version 4.0, the upgraded eWeLink widgets offer the following improvements:

Control More Smart Home Devices

eWeLink App V5.0 has enhanced Android widgets, making it even easier to control your smart home devices and manual scenes directly from your home screen. Compared to version 4.0, the upgraded eWeLink widgets offer the following improvements:The updated home screen widgets now provide control over an extended range of smart home devices. You can conveniently turn devices on/off directly from your home screen, eliminating the need to navigate within the app. Simply click on the tiles to access the devices.

Quickly Trigger Manual Scenes

With the latest version, it’s now possible to create a manual scene and trigger it with a simple tap on the widget tiles. This allows you to create the desired ambiance in your smart home effortlessly.

How Does eWeLink Widgets Benefit Your Smart Home Experience?

Effortless One-Tap Control

A single tap on a widget lets you instantly control smart devices and run manual scenes without launching the app. With eWeLink widgets at your fingertips, managing your smart devices and scenes becomes effortless.


Users have the freedom to personalize their widgets, selecting the devices and manual scenes they want to manage from their home screen. You can choose the Android home screen widget “Device Control 1×1” to control a single smart home device or “Device Control 4×2” for an overview and control of multiple devices.


eWeLink widgets offer straightforward control of devices and manual scenes without complex processes. You’ll no longer need to search for specific devices or manual scenes within the app, saving time and providing a convenient smart home experience. For example, you can turn off the lights in your bedroom or activate a specific scene with a single widget tap.

How to Add eWeLink Widgets: A Step-by-Step Guide

eWeLink widgets make controlling your smart home a breeze, but adding them varies slightly between Android and iOS. Don’t sweat it though, just follow these simple steps to start benefiting from these awesome home screen widgets.

For Android

Adding eWeLink widgets on Android devices is simple, although the process may vary slightly among phone brands. Here’s a straightforward guide:
Let’s use OPPO phones as an example:
1. Long Press and Access Widgets: Start by long-pressing an empty space on your home screen and select “Widgets” from the menu that appears.
eWeLink Widget

2. Choose Widget Type: Next, choose the eWeLink widget type that suits your needs:

● For displaying a single device on your home screen, select “Device Control 1×1”.

● If you wish to add multiple devices, opt for “Device Control 4×2”.

● To add manual scenes as widgets, select “Manual Scene 2×2”.

home screen widget
3. Select Devices or Scenes: A list of supported devices and manual scenes will appear. From this list, select the ones you want to add to your widget.
smart home widget
4. Confirm and Display: Once your selection is confirmed, the chosen devices or scenes will be added to your widget, promptly appearing on your home screen.
Android widget
By following these straightforward steps, you can easily add and customize eWeLink widgets on your Android device, enhancing your smart home control experience.

For iOS

Adding eWeLink widgets on iOS devices is equally straightforward:
1. Access Widgets in the eWeLink App: Open the eWeLink app and navigate to your Profile, then tap the “Widgets” section.
iOS widget
2. Add Your Devices: Tap “Add” to select the smart home devices you want direct control of. Choose the devices you use daily and save your selections.
iOS home screen widgets
3. Navigate to Today View: Exit the app and go to your iPhone’s Today View. Tap “Edit” and then customize your widgets.
Updated eWeLink Widget
4. Add “eWeLink-Device Shortcuts”: Find and add the “eWeLink-Device Shortcuts” to your widget. Your chosen devices will be displayed on your iPhone’s home screen.
smart home widget

How to Use the eWeLink Widget?

The eWeLink widget’s flexibility and accessibility make it a valuable tool for managing and controlling your connected devices and manual scenes in various scenarios. These are just a few examples of how you can use the eWeLink Android widget to enhance your smart home experience.
Bedtime: Place a 1×1 widget for your bedroom light; with just a single tap on the widget, you can effortlessly turn it off from bed without the need to search for your smart home app or get out of bed.
Movie Night: Add a 4×2 widget for your Movie Night for quick access to dim the lights, close the curtains, power on the TV, etc.
Leave the House: Create and tap your “Away from Home” manual scene widget to shut lights, lock doors, and lower the thermostat.
The possibilities are truly endless! Customize eWeLink widgets to best suit your unique smart home needs and make device control quicker than ever.
In addition, eWeLink App V5.0 has moved the location of adding device entrances, making it faster and easier to add devices. 
Adding Smart Devices

Adding Smart Devices Has Never Been Easier

The latest eWeLink app makes expanding your smart home smoother than ever. In the previous version (4.0), you added devices through the third tab labeled “+.” Now, the access point has been moved to the top right corner of the Home page. Just tap “Add Device” to quickly pair most devices or tap “Scan” to scan the QR code on the device.

Quick Pairing

When you tap “Add Device,” eWeLink simplifies the process of adding most eWeLink-compatible devices through quick pairing.  Once in the device adding flow, eWeLink does most of the work for you. Just make sure you choose 2.4GHz WiFi and enter the correct password. It will automatically detect and connect to nearby devices that are powered on. No manual searching is required!
Ultimate Guide to Adding Smart Home Devices:
1. Launch the eWeLink app and tap the “+” button on the Home page.
2. Select “Add Devices” to add your smart home devices.
3. Choose a 2.4GHz WiFi network and enter the correct password.
4. Power on the smart home device and let it in pairing mode.
eWeLink app

More Pairing Options

By clicking “More Pairing Options” at the bottom of the “Add Device” page, you can access additional handy pairing methods:
Bluetooth Pairing: Quickly discover nearby Bluetooth devices and WiFi Bluetooth combo devices ready for wireless connection.
Compatible Mode: Ensures compatibility with most eWeLink-supported devices, making your smart home even more versatile.
Sound Pairing: Seamlessly links smart home devices like cameras.
Remote Control: Provides various remote types (1-button, 2-button, 3-button, 6-button) for creating a remote.
smart home app
Finally, don’t forget to link your eWeLink account with third-party platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings, IFTTT, and others to unlock even more capabilities and convenience. Two additional shortcuts, “Sound Pairing” and “Link Accounts,” can also be found at the top right of the WiFi connection page.

QR-code Pairing

Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for device IDs. You can easily connect your devices by scanning a QR code printed on the device or included in the manual. eWeLink App V5.0 embraces the new Matter standard, allowing you to quickly add Matter devices through QR-Code Pairing.
Adding devices via QR code is remarkably straightforward:
Tap the “+” button and select “Scan” when it pops up. Then just point your phone’s camera at the QR code on your device. The eWeLink app will automatically scan the code and add the device to your account swiftly.
smart home experience
QR scanning offers a quick and easy way to connect your new device. But you gotta make sure the code is clearly printed during QR-code Pairing- any smudging or damage may require manually entering the device ID after all. 


eWeLink App V5.0 has brought exciting changes to the world of smart home control. The enhanced widgets offer an at-a-glance view and easy control of your smart home devices and manual scenes. Meanwhile, with effortless access and convenient pairing methods, expanding your smart home ecosystem takes just minutes. The eWeLink App V5.0 allows you to unlock the full potential of your smart home, offering a more convenient and personalized lifestyle.


Q: What is a Home Screen Widget?

A: A home screen widget is a small, interactive application or tool that can be placed directly on the home screen of a smartphone or tablet. These widgets provide users with quick access to specific information or functionalities without the need to open a full app.

Q: What is the Purpose of Using Widgets?

A: The purpose of using smart home widgets is to enhance convenience and accessibility by providing quick and direct access to smart home controls right from the home screen of a smartphone.

Q: Can You Get Widgets for Free?

A: Yes, widgets are typically available for free as part of the features provided by the app or platform that supports them. In the case of the eWeLink app, widgets are provided as part of the app’s functionality and are available for free. These widgets offer convenient access to your smart home devices and manual scenes, enhancing the user experience without any extra cost.

Q: Do Widgets Drain Your Phone?

A: Smart home widgets are designed to be a convenient and efficient way to access devices and manual scenes on your smartphone. When used thoughtfully, widgets themselves do not significantly drain your phone’s battery. 

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