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Tired of constantly controlling every smart device in your home manually? Setting scenes can help you control your home devices more easily. Imagine walking into a fully lit home with your favorite music playing as the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air – simply because you set your “Home Arrival” scene to make it happen. The latest update to the eWeLink app takes personalization to the next level with a host of improved Scene capabilities, giving you complete control over your automated life. 
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What are Smart Home Scenes and How Do They Work?

Smart home scenes are predefined settings that allow multiple devices to be controlled simultaneously with a single command or trigger. They work by creating scenes in which different smart devices, such as lights, thermostats, and locks, coordinate their actions based on user preferences. For example, setting up a “Good Morning” scene can turn on the lights, adjust the thermostat, and start the coffee maker with a single tap of your smartphone, providing convenience and automation to streamline your daily routines.

eWeLink App's Latest Scene Upgrades

Schedule Scenes for Specific Date

The upgraded eWeLink app now lets you trigger smart scenes on a specific date, up to 90 days in advance. Customize your scenes for special occasions like birthdays or holidays. Limit scene activation to a specific date you want, such as the day the maid arrives or when you have guests. 
Picture this: you’re planning a Christmas party. You can create a scene well in advance to turn on the festive lights, draw the curtains, and switch on the TV at 4 p.m. on December 25, setting the perfect mood for your holiday celebration. This precision in date-based control takes your home automation to a whole new level.
Schedule Scenes for Specific Date

Extended Sunrise And Sunset Time Offset

While the sunrise/sunset feature is fantastic for smart home scenes, a 30-minute offset may not suffice. Different rooms may not receive the same amount of natural light. The extended offset now lets you schedule a scene within a generous 4-hour window before and after sunrise/sunset, a significant expansion from the previous 30-minute restriction. For example, you can automate your bedroom curtains to close three hours before sunset.
Extended Sunrise And Sunset Time Offset

Effortless Scene Management: Drag And Drop

The new drag-and-drop sorting feature for scene actions makes it a breeze to reorganize the order of executed steps. Users can easily rearrange the steps within smart scenes to tailor them to their specific home automation processes. This level of personalization adds flexibility to scene management, ensuring that devices and operations execute in the desired sequence.
For example, imagine you’ve set up a Morning Wake-up Scene for your workdays, opening the curtains and turning on the lights, followed by turning off the air conditioner and starting the coffee machine 15 minutes later. But then, you decide to sleep in a little longer. No problem. Just change the order of device execution by dragging and dropping. For instance, start the coffee machine first, then proceed with turning on the lights and other actions 15 minutes later, allowing you to enjoy your coffee right after getting up.
This feature simplifies your life by eliminating the need to delete actions and recreate a new execution order from scratch.
Effortless Scene Management

Stay Informed with Email Notifications

With the option to receive email alerts when you create or edit a smart home scene, you’re always in the loop about your automation scenes. These email notifications provide peace of mind by ensuring you’re aware of any triggers to your critical home automation routines. You can choose whether to receive email notifications when the smart scene is triggered in the Add page and Edit Scene page. This functionality is available with an Advanced Plan subscription.
Stay Informed with Email Notifications

eWeLink Assists in Crafting Essential Home Automation Scenes

Auto Scenes & Manual Scenes:

Auto Scenes are pre-defined smart home automation scenes triggered automatically based on specific conditions or events, including time, device status changes, or sunrise and sunset times. You can effortlessly create and run these auto scenes when conditions are met.

Manual Scenes are customized scenes manually activated through the eWeLink app as needed. You can build them from scratch to trigger devices according to your preferences and run them with just a tap.

Trigger Options:

eWeLink offers four convenient trigger options to customize and automate smart home scenarios. Let’s take a closer look at each one:

Tap to Perform:

The Tap to Perform trigger emphasizes simplicity and instant control by indicating the creation of a manual scene. To activate the smart home scene, simply tap the scene card.

Time of Day:

The Time of Day trigger allows you to schedule actions at specific times and acts as a timer for scene initiation. You can set the timer to recur regularly or to activate only once. Specific date setting is available in the latest eWeLink App.


The Sunrise/Sunset trigger adapts your smart home to changing daylight hours by configuring devices to respond to the time of sunrise and sunset. It can trigger actions both before and after these events.

Smart Device:

The Smart Device trigger allows your smart home to respond to changes in the status of specific devices. For automation, most eWeLink-compatible devices can be included as conditions. For example, a motion sensor that detects movement can trigger actions such as turning on lights or sending notifications.


eWeLink’s “NFC” trigger leverages Near Field Communication technology for enhanced smart home automation. To use this trigger, you need a mobile device with NFC capabilities and compatible smart devices that work with the eWeLink smart home app. Once NFC is activated in your profile, you can seamlessly incorporate NFC into your conditions. 

Building a Connected Home: Unmissable Smart Scenes

Smart Home

Good Morning Scene:

Utilizing the “Time of Day” trigger in the eWeLink smart home app, you can create your personalized Good Morning Scene. Choose to activate it once, on a specific date, or as a recurring routine. For instance, at 8 AM on November 25th, a tap on the manual scene or automated trigger brings your smart home to life – lights brighten, the thermostat adjusts, and your coffee maker starts brewing.

Movie Night Scene:

Creating a Movie Night Scene using the “Tap to Perform” trigger is effortless. With a single tap, transform your living room into a cinematic haven – lights dim, the TV powers on, and curtains gracefully close, setting the perfect atmosphere for a movie night.

Outdoor Lighting Scene:

Utilize the “Sunrise/Sunset” trigger to maximize natural light. Configure outdoor lighting to turn on 40 minutes before sunset and switch off at sunrise, enhancing garden aesthetics with energy-efficient lighting.

Coming Home Scene:

Using “Smart Device” as a trigger to craft your Coming Home Scene allows for various automation tasks. As you open your front door, the living room lights up, the thermostat adjusts, and the water heater kicks into action, ensuring a cozy and welcoming return home.
These smart home scenes not only simplify daily life but also add convenience, ambiance, and energy efficiency to your connected home. They embody the essence of what makes a smart home truly intelligent.


eWeLink App’s improved scene functionality serves as the gateway to a more comfortable, convenient, and efficient smart home environment. With enhancements like scheduling on a specific date, extended sunrise/sunset offset, easy drag-and-drop scene management, and email notification, the eWeLink app streamlines your daily routines and enriches your smart home experience. So, go ahead, embrace the future of smart home controls, and discover how effortless life can be.
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