Google I/O 2022: Remind us that Matter matters

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Google I/O kicked off on May, 12, 2022

Google I/O kicked off on May, 12, 2022 with opening keynote: Advancing knowledge and computing. Keynote featured the latest hardware news, including smart home as a key session. The most eye-catching parts of the Google I/O keynote centered around Matter. As Google’s solution partner, eWeLink was featured in Google I/O 2022.

Michele Turner, Senior director of Google Smart Home Ecosystem, was on stage to share Google’s vision for Matter project. Google pledged to ensure Matter will be the foundation of the new proactive home by working with key players in the smart home industry including Apple, Amazon, SmartThings and eWeLink.

New Smart Home Standard Matter Launching Later this Year

Google announced on Wednesday at its I/O 2022 convention that Matter, the new smart home industry standard, is set to launch later this year after a delay announced earlier this year. “With Matter, there’s no need to build multiple versions of a smart home device to work across different ecosystems. You’ll only have to build once, and that device will work right away with Google Home and other smart home brands,” said Google in a blog post. Google is a big supporter of Matter, and is planning to update many of its Nest devices to become Matter controllers when the standard finally goes live — something it first announced this time last year. Launch of Matter and Google Nest devices supporting this new protocol will make connecting hundreds of AIoT devices including eWeLink support devices easier than ever before.

eWeLink goes all-in on Matter to work with everything

As a member of CSA (Connectivity Standards Alliance), eWeLink is deeply involved in every round of testing and improvement of Matter certification together with CSA officials. eWeLink has accelerated the adoption of Matter with partners, such as Google, and is committed to enabling hardware manufacturers to interconnect all the different smart home ecosystems through standardized solutions.

As an official authorized solution partner of Google Smart Home, eWeLink not only provides one-stop smart home solutions including hardware R&D, embedded software development, global cloud service setup, and multi-platform control (eWeLink APP/Applet/Web), but also assists partners in applying for Works With Google Home Certificate in the shortest time at competitive cost to increase their product competitiveness and overseas market expansion.

Matter’s launch later this year, is expected to make setting up new smart home devices much easier for users. Matter-enabled devices will offer a quick and consistent experience, allowing user to add new devices to smart home network with just a few steps. eWeLink is committed to becoming the very first solution partner that can elevate your business to the next level with Matter technology, and help your business build a leading position in the market.

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