eWeLink Matter device showcased at the Connectivity Standards Alliance Matter launch event

eWeLink Matter device showcased by Amazon on The Connectivity Standards Alliance’s Matter Launch Event, with Amazon’s Frustration-Free Setup feature supported.

▲CSA Matter Amsterdam Launch Event

Amsterdam, Netherland – November 3, 2022, The Matter Launch Event was hold by The Connectivity Standards Alliance officiallynumerous of Matter devices from industry leaders were demonstratedwith a wide array of categories including motion blinds, occupancy sensors, weather devices, smart plugs, door locks, lighting, gateways, platform components, and Matter-based software applications.
The CSA (Connectivity Standards Alliance) has officially released the Matter 1.0 standard and certification program. The standard released marks the interoperable protocol, Matter, which works across brands and platforms, will help smart home products enter the market with a more cost-effective advantage, providing consumers with great simplicity, security and interoperability.
As long time IoT solution provider of Alexa Smart home and a pilot feature partner of Alexa Frustration-Free Setup, eWeLink Matter device with Alexa Matter Simple Setup was showcased by Amazon on the Launch Event, to show how this feature leverages the Matter protocol to facilitative the automated Zero-Touch Setup experience of smart home and connected devices.

Amsterdam, Matter Launch Event

A major inflection point for the IoT Smart Home is coming, with collaboration, inclusiveness, and a deep sense of responsibility to the market and consumers, Matter has the power to create a more connected, safe, and useful Smart Home.
CCS Insight, a leading European-based analyst firm, notes that purchase intent for smart devices is on the rise, with 35 percent of households in key European markets intending to purchase smart home products in the next 12 months.
Additionally, in recent research by Parks Associates, a US-based firm, interoperability is top-of-mind with consumers, where 73 percent of US households that own or are planning to buy a smart home device say interoperability amongst products is important when choosing which smart home device to buy.
The Alliance conducted nine test events and two final Specification Validation Event (SVE) prior to the launch of Matter. Companies that successfully participated in the SVE and can proceed with certification applications include: Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung Electronics, Signify (Philips Hue), eWeLink(Shenzhen CoolKit Technology Co., Ltd.) etc. 
While the first batch software and hardware devices that support the Matter standard will be launched by those companies that have completed SVE testing.

About eWeLink Matter Solutions

With the official release of Matter Standard, eWeLink Matter solution was also unveiled. eWeLink supported Matter devices initially get the access of the smart home devices of Amazon, Apple and Google, and works with other eWeLink supported No-Matter devices seamlessly to satisfy the various needs from global users. As a trusted IoT Smart Home solution provider of Alexa, eWeLink works closely with Alexa team to help OEM partners and Brand partners with Works With Alexa (WWA) certification programme and advanced features integration, making it easier for consumers to get Matter devices on Amazon and set them up with ease.
eWeLink is committed to working with partners to break cross-platform barriers and provide diverse IoT solutions covering WiFi, BLE, ZigBee, and of course Matter to meet the various needs of the partners and developers.

In the foreseeable future, with the popularization and implementation of the Matter protocol, the industry vision of “Smart Connections for Everything” will take a solid step forward once again.

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