eWeLink Showcased in Google I/O 2023,Assist manufacturers and brands in maintaining a competitive edge

Google I/O kicked off on May, 12, 2022 with opening keynote: Advancing knowledge and computing. Keynote featured the latest hardware news, including smart home as a key session. The most eye-catching parts of the Google I/O keynote centered around Matter. As Google’s solution partner, eWeLink was featured in Google I/O 2022.

Michele Turner, Senior director of Google Smart Home Ecosystem, was on stage to share Google’s vision for Matter project. Google pledged to ensure Matter will be the foundation of the new proactive home by working with key players in the smart home industry including Apple, Amazon, SmartThings and eWeLink.Google had a lot to prove at I/O 2023 — Not only did they focus heavily on artificial intelligence and large language models, the hottest areas in the technology industry, but they also emphasized smart hardware and made an important layout for the smart home. Excitingly, eWeLink, one of the inaugural partners of Google Home and Matter, made another appearance at Google I/O 2023!

eWeLink Showcased in Google I/O 2023


Highly consistent with Google, eWeLink firmly believes that the true value of smart homes lies in their ability to simplify and optimize users’ daily routines. It’s not just about the devices themselves, it’s about how these devices seamlessly integrate into users’ lives, making their homes more convenient, efficient, and smarter.


eWeLink IoT platform has established itself as an authorized solution provider for Google Home in the realm of Smart Home since 2021. This strategic partnership has enabled eWeLink to facilitate the seamless integration of smart hardware from various manufacturers and brands into the Google ecosystem. 


By implementing advanced technologies like “cloud-to-cloud,” “Local Home SDK,” and “Matter solution,” eWeLink has enabled hardware manufacturers and brands to integrate their devices with Google ecosystem. With the successful attainment of WWGH certification, manufacturers and brands can harness the immense benefits of the “Google Home” platform to expand their global reach, paving the way for impressive commercial achievements.

As an official authorized solution partner of Google Smart Home, eWeLink has been committed to delivering comprehensive solutions to customers. These solutions encompass hardware design and development, embedded software development, establishment of global cloud services, and software development for user control interfaces such as apps and web platforms.

With eWeLink’s high-quality solutions, customers can confidently upgrade their hardware offerings, staying ahead in the competitive smart home industry.

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