Matter is officially released! The first batch of eWeLink supported Matter products will be unveiled soon

As the hottest “rookie” in the smart home industry this year, the “Matter Protocol” aims to solve the problem of fragmentation in the smart home field by building a unified application layer “language” to eliminate compatibility concerns between different protocols and different ecosystems. With the joint promotion of Google, Apple, Amazon, SmartThings, and many other Matter players including “eWeLink”, Matter may become one of the biggest drivers of the future “new era” of IoT.

On the event of the official release of Matter, the first batch of “Matter Products” and brands that use “eWeLink Matter Solution” will also be officially unveiled.

The giants are in place


Back in May, at Google’s I/O 2022 conference, Google made it clear what NEST devices would be updated as Matter controllers, allowing them to commission all Matter products and control via the Google Home app, Google Assistant and Android smart home controllers.

Apple HomeKit

In early June 2022 on WWDC, Apple officially announced that its smart home platform, HomeKit, will be seamlessly compatible with Matter. In the future, users will be able to scan-to-add, check status, and control Matter supported devices through the Apple Home App or third-party apps that integrate with Homekit.

Apple not only expressed its expectations for Matter, but also introduced the first batch of partners in related sessions, including “eWeLink”. “Matter enables smart home accessories to work together across platforms,” Apple said, “Many industry-leading brands are already working on Matter with more than 130 products in the pipeline, and this is just the beginning.”

Amazon Alexa

Back at CES 2022, Amazon announced that Matter will be supported on Echo devices, including most Echo, Echo Dots, Echo Plus, Echo Studio, and Echo Show, and existing Echo devices will be able to support Matter through a software update once it is officially released. Amazon also said that its fourth-generation Echo will become a Thread border router, using Matter to create a bridge between itself and Wi-Fi networks (supporting Matter over Thread)

What’s more, Amazon announced that it will launch the FFS (Frustration Free Setup) experience for Matter over WiFi where eligible customers can simply unbox and power on their Matter devices and these devices would automatically connect to the network. Amazon Alexa has partnered with a number of leading smart home brands, including eWeLink, to apply FFS (Frustration Free Setup) technology to Matter devices.

Samsung SmartThings

At CES 2022, Samsung also announced that its new Home Hub will support Matter, a standard that will be able to act as a controller for its Galaxy devices, televisions and Family Hub appliances. In addition, Samsung recently has announced a Partner Early Access Program for its SmartThings, and the first batch of Matter smart home devices, such as lights, locks and sensors have begun to undergo cross-platform compatibility testing.


At the end of May 2022, IKEA announced a Matter-ready hub for smart products called Dirigera will be launched. Dirigera means “conductor” in Swedish and is shaped like a small hockey puck. The biggest difference from the last generation hub Tradfri is that it supports Matter standards.

IKEA highlighted the product’s ease of use and powerful personalization options, and revealed that IKEA is developing its own cloud network to remotely access its smart home devices in 2023

The value of Matter to the end “users”

No Ecological Barriers

Currently, smart home leading players have committed their support for Matter, and the phones, as well as the common smart device control terminals in our daily life (such as iOS/Android, voice assistants, smart speakers, etc.) will support the Matter standard, and users do not even need an extra Matter App, and they can directly control the Matter devices.

In addition, based on Matter’s Multi Admin feature, users can connect their devices to any Matter-supported ecosystem, set up specific systems for each device to share with, or easily add multiple devices to a new ecosystem, which means that a single Matter device can support multiple ecosystems across multiple platforms at the same time.

For end users, the “cross-platform” feature of Matter devices will eliminate a lot of confusion and obstacles in their smart home journey, allowing users to have a smoother experience.

More automation

Matter allows efficient communication directly between devices, without the need for a specific “forwarding” device. For example, a Matter smart switch or sensor can directly “turn on/off” a Matter light bulb without the need for any app, cloud service, or other special action. Once configured, communication and control between Matter devices can be done directly on the local area network.

More Secure

Matter also defines a set of security mechanisms that were initiated, developed, and verified by several industry-leading companies that make the Matter devices with high security.

The eWeLink Matter solution is expected to be unveiled, and the first batch of Matter products using the “eWeLink solution” will be unveiled soon

The great benefits for OEM partners of eWeLink are that they just need to integrate eWeLink Matter solution into their own smart home products to get access to all Matter supported ecosystem, and jump out the complexity of compatible work, and reduces the risks of stocking and inventory burden for different categories, focus on the marketing and user engagement finally.

The Matter specification has been officially released, and the first batch of products using the eWeLink Matter solution will also debut as the “world’s first batch of Matter products”.

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