eWeLink App Now Supports More Matter Devices

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What is Matter?

Matter is an open-source connectivity standard developed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). It aims to establish a unified platform for smart home devices, ensuring interoperability across various brands and ecosystems. By adhering to the Matter standard, devices can communicate with each other effortlessly, regardless of their manufacturers.

eWeLink App's Support for Matter Since Version 5.0

Recognizing the significance of this groundbreaking standard, eWeLink, a leading smart home platform, has taken a proactive approach to embrace Matter since version 5.0, paving the way for a seamless and unified smart home experience.
eWeLink App's Support for Matter

Benefits of Matter Device Integration

The integration of Matter devices with the eWeLink app brings numerous advantages, providing users with a seamless, secure, and cross-branded smart home experience. Here are some of the key benefits:
Seamless Interoperability: By adhering to the Matter standard, smart home devices from different brands and ecosystems can communicate seamlessly. While eWeLink smart home currently supports a range of Matter devices, it is actively working to expand the categories of supported Matter devices in the future. Users do not need to juggle multiple apps as the eWeLink app serves as a unified control center, enabling seamless integration of various Matter-certified devices that are compatible with the app.
Enhanced Security: The Matter standard employs the latest security protocols and encryption technologies, ensuring secure data transmission and device communication while protecting user privacy.
Simplified Setup Process: Leveraging Matter’s simple connection protocol, the eWeLink app can easily discover and set up Matter-compatible devices without complex pairing processes.
Future Growth Potential: With Matter being supported by major tech giants, it represents the future direction of the smart home industry. By keeping pace with this trend, eWeLink smart home ensures that the app and services can continue to adapt to the ever-evolving smart home ecosystem.
Through the integration with Matter, eWeLink provides users with an open, unified, secure, and highly scalable smart home platform, making intelligent living more seamless and convenient than ever before.

eWeLink App V5.4 Supports Matter Color Temperature Light and Light Switch

With eWeLink App V5.4 supporting Matter Color Temperature Light and Matter On/Off Light Switch, you can now enjoy enhanced convenience and flexibility in managing your lighting systems. Whether it’s adjusting the color temperature to create the perfect ambiance for different occasions or simply turning lights on and off remotely, you have greater control over the lighting environments.

Matter Color Temperature Light and Light Switch

eWeLink App's Roadmap for Matter Device Integration

The eWeLink App has been leading the charge in integrating Matter devices, consistently expanding the support to offer users a diverse array of compatible devices.

Matter Device Integration
eWeLink App V5.0: Introduced support for Matter plugs, enabling seamless control over connected devices.
eWeLink App V5.2: Extended compatibility to Matter lights with dimmable, cool-warm, and colorful capabilities, empowering users to create personalized lighting environments.
eWeLink App V5.3: Brought support for Matter Bridge and enabled users to create custom light scenes with Matter Light, enhancing automation and personalization options.
eWeLink App V5.4: Solidified the platform’s commitment to Matter by introducing support for Matter Color Temperature Light and Matter On/Off Light Switch, providing users with even greater control over their lighting setups.
eWeLink App V5.6 (Upcoming): Users can anticipate the integration of Matter sensors such as the temperature and humidity sensor and door sensor in May. These additions will offer comprehensive smart home monitoring and control capabilities, further enhancing the convenience and comfort of your living space. 

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