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In today’s rapidly evolving smart home industry, users often face numerous challenges when it comes to integrating and managing their diverse array of smart devices. However, with the advent of Matter and the introduction of Matter Bridge support in eWeLink App V5.3, a new era of seamless connectivity and interoperability is on the horizon. Let’s delve into how Matter and Matter Bridge address the common challenges faced by smart home users and the significance of their integration into the eWeLink ecosystem.

Common Challenges in the Smart Home Industry:

The smart home industry faces challenges such as interoperability issues, fragmentation of standards, and compatibility concerns between different devices. Users often find themselves dealing with complex setups and the inability to seamlessly connect devices from various manufacturers.

How Matter Addresses Challenges?

Matter, formerly known as Project Connected Home over IP (Project CHIP), aims to alleviate the aforementioned challenges by establishing a unified standard for smart home communication. This open-source connectivity standard is backed by major players in the industry, including Apple, Google, Amazon, and others, with us among them. Since version 5.0, the eWeLink app has announced support for Matter, providing users with a more seamless smart home experience. Matter strives to provide a unified and secure communication protocol, facilitating seamless integration and interoperability between different smart devices.
Matter network

What is Matter Bridge?

The Matter Bridge serves as a crucial component within the standard, present since version 1.0. Its primary function is to facilitate communication between Matter-compatible devices and other existing technologies. It is essential for the widespread adoption of the smart home standard, as many users may already possess devices that they are unwilling to replace with new Matter-compatible ones.
Matter Bridge is important in bridging the gap between Matter-enabled devices and non-Matter devices, such as those utilizing Zigbee protocols. It acts as a conduit for communication, allowing non-Matter devices to join the Matter network and participate in the unified smart home ecosystem. Consumers can continue using their existing non-Matter devices alongside new Matter devices.

How Does the Matter Bridge Work?

Matter Bridge functions by translating communication protocols between devices, allowing non-Matter devices to communicate with Matter-enabled devices. The functionality of the Matter bridge is two-fold. Firstly, it connects to non-Matter devices, such as Zigbee devices, using their respective communication protocols. It then translates these devices to align with the standard Matter protocol, enabling their commissioning into the Matter fabric and promoting uninterrupted communication.
This ensures that devices from various manufacturers, regardless of their native protocols, can work harmoniously within the Matter ecosystem. It is especially advantageous for users who have a mix of smart home devices from different manufacturers, each utilizing its own communication standards.

Support for Adding Matter Bridge in eWeLink App V5.3

The latest update to the eWeLink App, V5.3, supports the addition of Matter Bridge. You can use the Matter Bridge as an intermediary to connect smart home devices like Zigbee plugs, or lights with dimmable, cool-warm, and colorful capabilities to the Matter Network, and effortlessly manage these devices through the eWeLink App as a unified platform. Please be advised that upgrading your NSPanel Pro to version 2.4 or later is necessary before adding Matter Bridge.
Matter Bridge

The integration of Matter Bridge support in eWeLink smart home brings several benefits to smart home users, including:

  • Expanded Device Compatibility: You can integrate non-Matter devices into your eWeLink ecosystem, enhancing the versatility and interoperability of your smart home setups.
  • Seamless Integration: The addition of Matter Bridge support streamlines the process of adding and managing devices within the eWeLink app, providing you with a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.
  • Future-Proofing: By embracing Matter Bridge, eWeLink smart home ensures that users can future-proof their smart home setups, allowing for seamless integration of new devices and technologies as they become available.

Matter Device Support in eWeLink App: A Growing Ecosystem

The eWeLink App supports Matter plugs since Version 5.0. With the release of Version 5.2, users can add Matter lights with dimmable, cool-warm, and colorful capabilities (Extended Color Light). In Version 5.3, support for Matter lights is further enhanced, enabling users to craft personalized scenes based on their preferences. Additionally, future versions are expected to introduce support for the color temperature light and Matter-compatible light switch. As we move forward, we plan to expand the variety of Matter devices supported by the app.

Matter Light
In conclusion, Matter Bridge plays a pivotal role in addressing common challenges in the smart home industry. By bridging non-Matter devices to a Matter network, it opens up new possibilities for users, making their smart home experience more accessible and interconnected. The support for Matter Bridge in eWeLink app 5.3 is more than just a technical update; it’s a strategic move towards a more integrated, user-friendly, and flexible smart home ecosystem.
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