What’s new in eWeLink WEB V3.4.0 and eWeLink CAST V2.10


eWeLink WEB and CAST has been updated on May 16, 2024, Energy Dashboard is now available on eWeLink WEB!

What’s new in eWeLink WEB V3.4.0

● Energy Dashboard is available, providing a visualized overview of electricity consumption.
● More device types, especially the newly launched products, including the Matter bridges, lights, switches, were supported.
● Improved scene capabilities. More device types, especially the new launches, can be added as trigger or action.
● Now you can check associated scenes on a device’s settings page.
● Dark Mode is further optimized.
● Fixed some known issues.
What’s new in eWeLink CAST V2.10
Newly supported devices:
● Matter bridges
● Matter lights
● Matter light switches
● More eWeLink supported sockets
With the new Energy Dashboard on eWeLink WEB, you can check your weekly or monthly electricity consumption and bills, and the threshold settings allows you to get notifications when the consumption or bill reaches the thresholds you set. Try the new version now!

eWeLink WEB: https://web.ewelink.cc/

eWeLink CAST: https://cast.ewelink.cc/

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