What’s new in eWeLink CUBE V1.8.0

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⛵️V1.8 (2023.07.10)

New features:

  • New add-on Tile2CUBE-WeatherAPI is available, allowing you to create a weather tile for iHost/CAST. Guide
  • New add-on MQTT2CUBE-Tasmota allows you to sync your Tasmota switches and plugs to iHost. Guide
  • Now you can access iHost remotely with the Tailscale add-on. Guide
  • Added Matter Bridge in Pilot Features, which supports adding iHost-managed devices to Matter-supported platforms. Learn more
  • Zigbee scene switches are supported now.
  • Now you can create custom tiles with the eWeLink CUBE open API to display them in iHost/CAST.


  • Added “Run manual scenes” and “Enable/Disable auto scenes” to scene action.
  • The upper limit of Scene actions is increased to 50.
  • The delay that can be set in scene actions has been increased to 23h 59min 59sec.
  • A refresh button is added on the settings page of devices added through Zigbee2CUBE, click to re-acquire device information.
  • Optimized icons of routing devices and end devices.
  • Added a CUBE logo to devices integrated via Zigbee2CUBE.
  • The list of devices in the room can be collapsed or expanded.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the issue that devices added by Zigbee2CUBE were offline after firmware updated.
  • Resolved Zigbee map display issue when adding unsupported devices via Zigbee2CUBE.
  • Fixed the problem that the scene could not be executed when the trigger condition was “all conditions are met” and the trigger device was sensor.
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