What’s New in eWeLink App V4.30

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The latest version of the eWeLink App, V4.30, has arrived with exciting new features that promise to enhance display customization, scene management features, sharing options, etc. Here’s a rundown of what’s new:

Customized Channel Names Shown in Device Logs

To make it easier to track what happened to each channel, V4.30 allows the display of renamed channel names in device logs. This feature is particularly useful for users who rename each channel for their multi-channel devices.

More Scene Options

You can now set Group as an action in Scene for switch, plug, and light groups. The options for the action in switch and plug groups include On, OFF, Keep, and Reverse, while in light groups, there are On, Off, Color, Color temp, and Brightness. With the release, you can also view the Group records in Scene logs.

More Display Types for 1-Channel Swtiches

In addition to the above features, this update also includes 15 new display types for 1-channel switches. You can now set their switch type to Refrigerator, Curtain, and more. It provides you with more options to customize smart home devices to fit specific needs and preferences.


Other minor updates include optimizing the Message center and managing home sharing and device sharing in the same entrance.

Update now on the Google Play Store and enjoy all of the latest features. iOS users will be able to access the update at the end of March. At eWeLink, we appreciate your support, feedback, and suggestions, and we’re committed to continuing to provide you with a better user experience.

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