[Q&A] Matter and eWeLink, Where are We?

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In the smart home arena, the Matter standard is quickly becoming a go-to choice for unified device compatibility across multiple brands. Here’s what you need to know about the Matter devices supported within the eWeLink ecosystem, how they work, and what to expect from future updates.
eWeLink Matter

What's Matter?

Matter is a unified, open-source standard designed to facilitate seamless communication and interoperability among smart home devices from different manufacturers. It is developed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), formerly known as the Zigbee Alliance, and aims to simplify the smart home ecosystem by providing a consistent and secure framework for device connectivity. eWeLink, along with big names you are familiar with like Google and Apple, is a member of CSA.
Matter, unlike Zigbee or Z-Wave, is an application-level standard, running upon physical protocols including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Thread. It offers some key features that revolute the way you use smart home gadgets:
  • Cross-Platform Support: Matter devices can be paired with and controlled by supported platforms at the same time. For instance, you can add a Wiz light with Apple Home, Google Home, and eWeLink at once. Your control within eWeLink will be updated in Apple and Google, you can also utilize the best and unique features from each platform at once including voice control and advanced automation.
  • Simplicity: The standard aims to make it easier for consumers to set up and use their smart home devices. With Matter, the setup process is more straightforward, and the need for multiple apps is reduced.
  • Security: Matter emphasizes robust security, with end-to-end encryption and secure code requirements. This ensures that user data and device communications remain private and protected. Matter is built to run locally. This means your devices will respond faster and be more secure with supported platforms.
  • Open-Source: By being open-source, Matter allows for broad contributions and innovations from various developers and companies. This helps accelerate the adoption and improvement of the standard.

What Matter devices are supported by eWeLink?

The eWeLink platform currently supports a variety of Matter-compatible devices, making it easier than ever to build a smart home.
As of now, with eWeLink App v5.6 and NSPanel Pro v3.1.0 (or CAST app v2.1), you can add these Matter devices to eWeLink:
  • Lights
   Color Light
   White/Warm Light
   Light Switch
  • On/Off Switch/Plug/Socket
  • Window and Door Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Bridge

And what's next?

Looking ahead, eWeLink is planning to add support for even more Matter devices:

  • Scene Button (Generic Switch)
  • Occupancy Sensor
  • Monochrome Light (On/Off Light and Dimmable Light)

What's a matter hub?

A Matter Hub serves as the central control point for all your Matter-enabled devices. It handles the setup (commission), control, and management of these devices. In the eWeLink ecosystem, the SONOFF NSPanel Pro and tablets with the eWeLink CAST app are installed to play this hub role. These hubs connect your Matter devices locally and link them to the eWeLink cloud, enabling both local and remote control.
You should keep the hub updated to ensure better stability and continuous support for more devices.

Do I still need to buy products with the eWeLink Support Badge?

While Matter strives for universal compatibility and simplified local control, products with the eWeLink Support badge offer an enriched feature set. These include on-device timer functionality and inching abilities, which may not be available in many Matter-centric devices.
For users committed to the eWeLink ecosystem, these branded products deliver the most comprehensive set of features. Some products, like the SONOFF M5, offer dual compatibility, supporting both eWeLink and Matter to ensure seamless integration and versatility. Additionally, devices lacking native Matter support can still be linked to a Matter-enabled smart home through bridges like the Zigbee Bridge Ultra and iHost. These ensure older or otherwise incompatible devices can still enjoy the benefits of the Matter framework.
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