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More Options, More Possibilities

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In the past, when you woke up in the morning, you might need to open the curtain, window and turn on lights manually. Or you had to pick up your phone first to control these devices. Also, the first cup of morning coffee was not yet ready until you went downstairs. So annoying to get all these done by yourself. Nowadays, novelties like eWeLink scenes, Alexa routines, and IFTTT applets streamline our day and act as a reminder. We don’t need to remember when to irrigate lawns or feed pets anymore. All can be done automatically.

There are numerous possibilities in eWeLink scenes. With the release of eWeLink App V4.24, we can explore more. Take examples of two smart devices, Dual R3 and TH16, read on and see what else we can do.

Stop Option is Available to Dual R3/Dual R3 Lite

Add “Stop” to Condition or Action in the Scene. Let’s say you wired Dual R3 for the blinds and Dual R3 is in Motor mode. When you wake up at 7am, you don’t want to have the blinds totally opened. So try to add the Stop option as an action. When it’s too shiny and hot at noon, you can also stop the blinds as well as turn on the AC.

For Dual R3, there are Open, Close, and Stop options available in the Scene. Empower your home automation in a simple way.


TH16 can be Set as an Action

Previously, TH16 can only be set to Condition, but now, you can add it to Action, too. Make full use of the capabilities of TH16. For example, when TH16 detects the soil temperature is 30 degrees celsius, turn on the irrigation system to water the lawns. Or when it’s 6 PM, turn on TH16 to irrigate your plants.

Please note currently, TH16 cannot be added to Condition and Action at the same time, but it is actually in our roadmap. Stay tuned!


These features are originated from users’ suggestions. If you have any suggestions to add more options in eWeLink Scene, feel free to let us know in eWeLink Forum. More possibilities from more suggestions and ideas!

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