eWeLink Rolls out a New Solution Based on Google Wi-Fi Seamless Setup

In order to better seamlessly link with Google Assistant and provide a more convenient smart interaction for users, CoolKit, as the authoritative solution provider in the field of smart home, officially rolls out a new solution based on Google Wi-Fi Seamless Setup for manufacturers and brands.

Google Wi-Fi Seamless Setup is the new feature of seamless connection released by Google, which allows users to quick pair in Google Home app or Google Nest smart speakers, eliminating the need to download other apps and wait for a long, tedious pairing process. Once powered on in a few seconds, smart devices can be recognized by Google Nest speakers or other Google’s smart speakers and enter the pairing mode very quickly in Google Home app or Google Nest smart speakers. Currently, Google Home smart speakers, Google Nest smart speakers are compatible with the new feature.

Since the cooperation between CoolKit and Google Assistant in 2017, eWeLink IoT platform subordinated by CoolKit, has integrated numerous features of Google, enabling more and more manufactures and brands to have their products empowered by these AI features. With their further cooperation, CoolKIt will work together with Google Assistant for upgrading gradually and deliver the superior service of Google Assistant in smart home via manufactures and brands to more and more users.

Nowadays, CoolKit has empowered more than 2,000 manufacturers and hardware brands with eWeLink Support products selling in around 170 countries and having won 30 million users’ trust all over the world.

As the leading global solution provider in smart home, CoolKit not only renders one-stop smart home solutions including hardware R&D, embedded software development, global cloud service setup, and multi-platform control (App/applet/Web), but also assists partners apply for Works With Hey Google(WWHG)certificate and complete smart upgrading in the shortest time as well as at the optimal cost for better entering the overseas market.

In the near future, CoolKit will work harder to optimize the user experience for a more convenient and comfortable smart home life in the aspect of IoT smart upgrades, such as device pairing, smart controlling, and more. Also, it will bring more characteristic solutions of Google Assistant in smart home for manufacturers and brands to enhance their product competitiveness.

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