eWeLink is featured on WWDC 2022 as a partner of Matter

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WWDC home session

Apple WWDC 2022 kicked off on June 6, 2022, as expected Apple reveals plenty of NEWS at this event, including new hardware products, and launch updates to all of its platforms, iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS. The most eye-catching part of WWDC 2022 revolves around Matter, with eWeLink’s debut as a partner of Matter.

Support Matter in iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, Seamlessly Integrate Matter with Apple HomeKit

Given that Matter is ready to launch in the fall of this year, Apple uses the WWDC to tease more details about the support for Matter coming in iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and integrating with HomeKit. At this point, an easier and more seamless setup will be launched and users will be ready to scan a Matter QR code from Home App or HomeKit App to connect all Matter devices with ease.

During the keynote, not only did Apple reveal its vision for Matter, but it specially mentioned its partners including eWeLink for dedicating considerable efforts to support Matter to achieve interoperability among devices. As mentioned in the WWDC 2022, “Matter enables smart home accessories to work together across platforms, and to ensure we stayed true to our values, we contributed HomeKit, our smart home framework, as a foundation of this new standard, so it’s built on the same core principles and maintains the highest level of security. industry-leading brands have already committed to supporting Matter, with over 130 products in the pipeline, and that’s just the beginning.”

As a universal networking protocol, Matter allows devices to work across all major smart home platforms. The reason is that Matter is fully based on the Internet Protocol and works over Thread, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet protocols for device-to-device communication, and Bluetooth Low Energy can be used for the setup and configuration of devices. It’s no exaggeration to say that Matter will be a key variable in the post-2022 smart home market, whether everyone is bullish or not.

matter partners with HomeKit

eWeLink Covers your Every Step of Connecting Matter-Certified Devices

As a partner of Matter, eWeLink not only provides one-stop smart home solutions including hardware R&D, embedded software development, global cloud service setup, and multi-platform control (eWeLink APP/Applet/Web) but also assists partners in connecting Matter-certified devices in the shortest time at a competitive cost to increase your competitiveness and overseas market expansion.

As a member of CSA (Connectivity Standards Alliance), eWeLink is deeply involved in every round of testing and improvement of Matter certification together with CSA officials. eWeLink has accelerated the adoption of Matter with partners, such as Google, Apple, Amazon, and much more, and is committed to enabling hardware manufacturers to interconnect all the different smart home ecosystems through standardized solutions.

Matter is scheduled to roll out in the autumn of 2022, a few months later than previously announced. CSA says the delay will allow it to launch with a larger pipeline of Matter-enabled devices and perform greater testing to ensure all devices and platforms work smoothly together. As Matter projects continue to develop, eWeLink is committed to helping manufacturers and brands level up their productivity to capture the market share in the smart home sector.

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