What’s New in V4.17

What’s New in V4.17

November has arrived, and a new version of eWeLink is also here. We are so excited to tell some useful new features and optimized the following functions of eWeLink V4.17.

Sunrise/Sunset time setting in scene

Everyone has different time to get up and rest that requires adjusting the time of opening and closing the curtains according to the specific needs of each person. In the past versions, we can only turn on/off your devices at sunrise and sunset, now you can set your own time to turn on/off it both manual scenes and featured scenes.

Step 1. Open eWeLink App, select Scene and tap Open the curtain autimatically at sunrise

Step 2. Tap Enabled on the upper right

Step 3. Select Sunrise+0

Step 4. Select City and Sunrise/Sunset

Step 5. Choose the time that suits you and tap Save

Changing phone number account

Based on feedback from many users, we know that some users register with their phone numbers. But their number is not the phone number they use now. In this version, users can change their phone number account.

Step 1. Open eWeLink App, select Profile and tap the button on the upper right

Step 2. Select eWeLink Account

Step 3. Select your account

Step 4. Enter your password and tap Next 

Step 5. Enter your new phone number and tap Verification Code

Step 6. Enter verification code and tap Done

Step 7. Tap OK and you can log in with your new phone number account


Dark mode

In the V4.16, we added a dark mode. We found that when you open the page of the device, it is day mode. In this version, we have optimized all the interfaces so that you can comfortably browse every part of the eWeLink App in the dark.

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