eWeLink CUBE release note – what’s new in V1.14.0

V1.14.0 (2024.4.25)

New Features:

  • Timer control feature (schedule, timer, and loop timer) is available for local Zigbee sub-devices.
  • Inching feature is supported now (only accessible on Zigbee sub-devices that support inching feature).
  • Matter Bridge supports curtain motors now.
    (Please complete the motor calibration before setting the open percentage. When controlling the curtain motor in Apple Home App and Google Home App, please tap to adjust the open percentage instead of slide.)


  • T&H sensors’ data, along with operation logs, can be downloaded in .xlsx format.
  • Further optimized and improved iHost performance.
  • Optimized local Zigbee sub-devices controls, reducing the response time.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the occasional issue that devices added via eWeLink Smart Home failed to reconnect after being offline.
  • Fixed the bug where cameras’ live view was unable to play on Google Chrome version 123.X.

V1.13.7 (2024.3.27)
New Features:

  • Matter Bridge now supports SONOFF TRV.
  • eWeLink add-on now supports SONOFF Smart Stackable Power Meter.


  • Optimized the detection duration of SNZB-06P, which can be set to a minimum of 15 seconds.
  • Further optimized and improved iHost performance.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue where SONOFF TRV smart schedules failed to revert to defaults after device reset.
  • Resolved the offline issue with SONOFF MINIR4.
  • Resolved an issue where the status of multiple SONOFF TRVs could not be saved as scene triggers.

V1.13.4 (2024.3.7)

New Features:

  • SONOFF TRV can now be set as a scene trigger.
  • SONOFF TRV is supported in CAST, Node-red, and Homebridge.
  • Temperature and Humidity capabilities are supported by Zigbee2CUBE


  • Optimized the firmware update interaction.
  • Optimized the reconnection process of iHost console page.
  • Added 2 new standard time zones to the time zone list (MST & EEST).
  • iHost performance improved.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the add-on loading issue when access iHost via tailscale.
  • Fixed the problem that the Zigbee map could not be loaded.
  • Resolved the issue that Zigbee devices can not be deleted.
  • Fixes some bugs on Zigbee2CUBE

V1.13.3 (2024.1.31)

  1. Fixed an issue where the volume list was empty in some cases.
  2. Fixed an issue where Tailscale’s UI could not be displayed in some cases.
  3. Optimized the display of SNZB-06P detection time interval.

V1.13.2 (2024.1.23)
New Features:

  • Custom language is available. Now your iHost can display in the language you want by uploading language files, check it under Settings menu.


  • Optimized the UI of the Smart Security page.
  • Optimized the firmware update process.
  • Added “About” menu to installed add-ons page.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue where add-ons couldn’t load the Web UI.
  • Fixed the bug that Matter Bridge could not initialize after restarting iHost in muted state.
  • Fixed an issue where the names of devices synchronized via Matter Bridge changed after iHost was restarted.

V1.13.0 (2023.12.26)

New Features:

  • Now you can drag and drop the scence actions to rearrange their order.

  • Support for adding SNZB-03P Motion Sensor, SNZB-04P Door/Window Sensor, and NSPanelP-Router.

  • Paral-sync add-on now supports SNZB-03P Motion Sensor, SNZB-04P Door/Window Sensor, SNZB-02D Temp.&Humi. Sensor, and TRVZB Thermostatic Remote Valve (please update Paral-sync add-on to the latest version on its detail page).

  • eWeLink Smart Home add-on now supports cloud control of some devices and LAN control of more sensor and light sub-devices of SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro. (please update eWeLink Smart Home add-on to the latest version on its detail page).


  • Increased the limit of CAST dashboards to 10.

  • Optimized logic for adding, deleting, and synchronizing RF remote controllers in eWeLink Smart Home add-on.

  • Sidebar UI design optimized. Added an entry to open add-on page in a new window.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved the issue where the same device couldn’t repeatedly be used as scene actions in a scene.

  • Fixed the bug where Temp.&Humi. sensors couldn’t save 1 decimal place as scene triggers.

  • Fixed the occasional pairing issue with Matter Bridge.

  • Resolved the problem where device names changed in Matter-supported platforms after iHost was restarted.

V1.12.0 (2023.12.01)

New Features:

  • Added Matter Bridge tab in iHost sidebar menu. Now you can add iHost and iHost-managed devices to Matter-supported platforms and control them seamlessly.
  • Matter Bridge now supports more devices, including Temp.&Humi. sensors, human presence sensors, door/window sensors and wireless switches.
  • Support connecting Bluetooth speakers to play sound (Pilot Features).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the bug where scenes occasionally failed to trigger.
  • Resolved the issue where scenes occasionally cannot be enabled/disabled.

V1.11.1 (2023.11.23)

  • Fix the problem of scene being disabled.(For scenes where the trigger condition is set to “Any condition is met” after upgrading to version 1.10.0, you need to edit the scenes and save them again.)

  • Fixed the problem of scenes being accidentally triggered.


New Features:

  • Added a new feature eWeLink-Remote Control in Pilot Features. Now you can add SONOFF S-mate, R5 and S-mate2 when you toggle “eWeLink-Remote Control” on.

  • Now you can search for devices by device name on the device list page.

  • Now you can search for scenes by scene name on the scene list page.

  • Added support for SONOFF Zigbee Thermostatic Radiator Valve.

  • OpenAPI now supports the integration of air conditioners and fans.


  • Optimized iHost update process. Now you can update iHost to the latest version without binding an eWeLink account.

  • Improved the display of smart devices in scene, allowing for device search and presenting devices in a categorized order based on room classification.

  • eWeLink add-on V1.4.0 now supports to sync sub-devices (including Zigbee switches, plugs, curtains, wireless switches, and T&H sensors) from ZBBridge Pro to iHost.

  • homebridge pligin V1.2.0 added support for fan lights and T&H sensors.

  • Optimized iHost menu bar UI design.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved the issue that Aqara Motion Sensor P1 cannot be triggered.

  • Fixed the bug that Aqara SSM-U01 cannot be controlled.

  • Fixed the issue where the IKEA TRÅDFRI Motion Sensor E1745 was not triggered as expected.

  • Fixed the issue with inability to control the IKEA ASKVADER on/off switch E1836.

V1.10.0 (2023.09.13)


  • A multi-channel device can now be set as both the scene’s trigger and its action.
  • Now you can select smart security status as scene triggers or actions.
  • Installation process of add-on can now be terminated.
  • Zigbee2CUBE added support for multi-channel remote controller.
  • Open API added CPU temperature and micro SD card usage percentage.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the issue with inability to download large add-on logs.
  • Fixed occasional failure to execute all actions when multiple actions were added in a scene.
  • Fixed the “login timeout” bug of eWeLink add-on.

V1.9 (2023.08.11)
New features:

• New add-on tts2cube-pico is available, allowing you to convert text to speech. Guide 
• Added Turbo mode in pilot features, which supports enhancing Zigbee signal by maximizing the transmit power of the iHost Zigbee module.

• Now you can add Temp. &Hum. data charts, energy consumption charts, calendar widget, clock widget, and text widget in CAST.
• Support for changing CAST dashborad background colors.
• CAST layout optimizied.
• Add-on supported mounting and accessing USB serial devices.
• Added support for lights in Matter Bridge.

Bug fixes:
• Resolved the problem that Tuya multi-channel switches could not control individual channels.
• Fixed the issue that devices added via Zigbee2CUBE cannot be controlled.
• Fixed the bug that tailscale add-on could not specify a volume at runtime.
• Resolved the slow loading issue for the Temp. & Hum. data chart due to an excessive amount of historical data.

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