What’s New in eWeLink Camera V1.3.5

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eWeLink Camera App lets you look after the ones you care about from anywhere and anytime, by turning your idle Android phone into a security camera, baby monitor, pet monitor, nanny cam, and more. No need to buy a new IP camera. No mounting is required, just install the app, put the phone in the right position, and start watching. With the release of eWeLink Camera V1.3.5, it turns your home security to the next level.

What's New

· Motion Detection Notifications*. Enable the Motion Detection to get an instant notification when there is any movement detected.
· Event Recorded Videos. The recorded clips are saved to your phone albums. Review what has been captured at any time.
· Low Battery Alerts. You’ll receive notifications when the battery of your camera phone drops to 20% and 10%. Remind you of charging your phone timely.

What else is available

· 24/7 Live Streaming. The camera phone streams everything you care about. Watch the live streaming whenever, and wherever you’re. Worry-free even when you’re out of home.
· Two-way talk. Get remote interactions with the two-way talk feature. It’s so easy to chat with your loved ones, watch your little baby when you’re in the middle of something, or even yell at unexpected visitors, faster than grab the phone.
· Multi-access to live feed. It’s not always convenient to watch the live feed on the linked phone. We offer three more accesses to the live feed, that is, view on Echo Show, Google Nest Hub, and eWeLink Web. Just pick the easier access to the live view.
· Check device status. An exclusive feature for eWeLink users. You can pin the camera to eWeLink supported switches and check it before action.
· Power-saving mode. Toggle it on to dim the screen, so it helps better conserve the battery life of your phone.

How to set it up

The whole setup is so easy. Only 3 steps to go. Follow the step-by-step instructions and get all set in minutes.

Step 1: Prepare two phones; download and install eWeLink Camera App on the Android phone(use as the camera), and download and install eWeLink App on the other phone (viewer)

Step 2: Create an eWeLink account if you don’t have one

Step 3: Log in with the same eWeLink account


Get it now

eWeLink Camera App V1.3.5 is now available on Google Play Store at: https://bit.ly/3BJ4DHG

*To enable Motion Detection, Android users shall update the eWeLink App to the latest version v4.26 after September 15th. eWeLink V4.26 will come to iOS end of September.

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