What’s new in eWeLink Camera App V1.3.8

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The wait is over. eWeLink Camera App V1.3.8 is here. This new update introduces two functional and anticipated features, along with some improvements in user experience. Here’s an overview of what’s new:

Auto low-light filter

Enable Auto low-light filter on the Device Settings page. This feature will allow you to view good images even if the camera is set up in a dark environment. Let’s say your camera phone works as a baby monitor. In the evening, the room gets dark and the auto low light filter works by automatically turned on. Rather than just viewing black content, you can remotely view the sleeping baby relatively clearly.

Add Siren to Scene as an action

Users can activate Siren to scare away unexpected visitors since V1.3.6. Now, Siren can be automatically activated by adding it to the Scene. The Siren can be set as an action. You can create Scenes like: when the garage door is open, turn on the eWeLink Camera siren. The effective period could be anytime when you’re away from home. This way, the intruder could be thrown off.

Get it now

To receive the latest features as soon as possible, please update the eWeLink Camera App to V1.3.8 on Google Play Store as well as the eWeLink App to V4.28. If you’re a new user, please refer to this guide to learn how to set up an eWeLink Camera. Hope you enjoy the new features, and have a happy holiday season!


eWeLink App V4.28 for iOS users will be available end of December.

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