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In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is key, and having seamless control over your smart home devices can make life significantly easier. For iPhone users seeking seamless control over eWeLink-supported smart devices, here’s a comprehensive guide to streamline your experience.
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Control Your Devices with Siri

One of the quickest ways to control your eWeLink-supported devices is by integrating them with Siri shortcuts. By creating manual scenes and adding them to Siri, you can control your smart devices using simple voice commands with your iPhone or iPad. Follow the steps below to get started.
Steps to creating a manual scene:
Tap the “+” in the upper right corner of the manual scene page.
Choose “Tap to perform” as the triggering condition.
Set up the action of the scene such as turning on a light in the bedroom. Select “Light” and “ON”.
Save the scene with a custom name, like “Turn on the bedroom light.”
manual scenes
Once the scene is created, proceed to add it to Siri shortcuts:
Tap “Add to Siri shortcut” upon scene creation completion or tap “Add to Siri” from the manual scene page.
Select the desired scene from the list displayed on the Siri shortcuts page.
Your scene is now integrated with Siri. Simply voice the shortcut name, like “Turn on the bedroom light,” to execute the corresponding action effortlessly.
Siri shortcuts

Instant Access with eWeLink Widgets

For those moments when you need quick access to your most frequently used devices, eWeLink offers the convenience of iOS widgets. Follow these simple steps to set up your personalized widget:

1. Launch the eWeLink app and navigate to the Widgets section on your Profile page.

eWeLink Widgets
2. Add your desired devices to the widget shortcuts and save your settings.
eWeLink Widgets
3. Access the Today View, tap Edit, and select Customize.
eWeLink Widgets
4. Add “eWeLink-Device Shortcuts” to your Widgets.
iOS widgets
Once set up, the eWeLink widget will provide one-tap access to your selected devices, allowing you to turn them on or off instantly without opening the app.
Whether through voice commands with Siri shortcuts or quick taps on iOS widgets, controlling smart devices has never been more seamless. With eWeLink‘s user-friendly interface and powerful features, you can transform your iPhone into a powerful remote control for your smart home. Embrace the convenience of effortless device management and enjoy a truly connected living experience.

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