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Several months after the launch of the eWeLink Camera Plan, we received numerous feedback. Rather than ignoring them, we got to work out the updates. So, here is the gist. With the release of eWeLink V4.26 and camera firmware 41120220811, users can unlock the following features without a subscription: Device Event (initially called Trigger Event Recording by Sensor)*, Alerts on Apple Watch, and Live Streaming on eWeLink Web.

Why the udpates

The feedback we received is various, some of which are about offering more free features. Because of the limitations of the hardware, it took our tech team months to redesign the features, run the tests, and finally bring the updates to you. Throughout the whole process, we also evaluate the cost again, just for making sure that users can get more free features, and meanwhile the subscription price can cover most of the cloud service cost.

We’re keen to optimize our services by listening to your concerns. So, drop your suggestions to the eWeLink Forum if you have any other feedback!

Before & After

Tips to unlock Device Event

When enabling Device Event, please make sure you’ve inserted a TF card into the camera and added a sensor to trigger event recording. Thus, the recorded videos will be stored to the TF card. However, if you wanna download the recorded clips, you have to remove the card from the camera first, and then insert it into your PC.

It might sound a bit annoying. No worries, eWeLink Camera Plan can free you from the chores. It offers you the ability to review and download the cloud video anytime & anywhere right in the eWeLink App.

Limited-time offer

From Sept. 8th to Oct. 8th, 2022, subscribe to the annual eWeLink Camera Plan, and get a free annual Advanced Plan. Buy one, get one free! Two plans for only $34.99/year.

How to join

Click on the hyper link to learn How to join eWeLink camera plan.

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