eWeLink on Android Auto

The latest version of the eWeLink app (V5.7 for Android) has just introduced exciting new integration with Android Auto, empowering users to control their connected home devices right from vehicle’s center display!

What can you do with eWeLink on Android Auto?

Android Auto seamlessly integrates your Android phone with your cars’ center display, providing an intuitive interface for various functions. With eWeLink smart home coming to the Android Auto ecosystem, users can easily control garage doors, smart lights, plugs, and other home devices directly from their cars’ center displays through scenes. This feature offers enhanced convenience and safety, allowing them to stay connected to their smart home while driving and get things ready for their arrival or departure.

You would be able to:

  • Set and add manual scenes to Android Auto.
  • Customize scene names and icons for better accessibility.
  • Execute scenes from your Android Auto interface.

With eWeLink’s new Android Auto integration, you can now control your connected home wherever the road takes you. Upgrade to eWeLink v5.7 and experience the future of smart living – intelligent scenes executed effortlessly from your car’s center display. Make your daily routines smarter with just a tap!



Click here to check detailed tutorial




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