What’s New in V4.19

What’s New in V4.19

In this version, we have optimized many features. Here are a few points that we would especially like to introduce to you.

Pilot Features

In this new version, we add the Pilot Features. As the name suggests, these features are still beta and in the process of being optimized, but we want to give you an early preview without waiting for the official release and give us some suggestions and feedback, which we treasure most


The first one is NFC which gives you a new way to run your manual scenes though NFC tag.

Please note that you should have some NFC tags in your hand, tag memory that over 200 bytes recommended. Let’s have a look how to set it.

Step 1. Open the eWeLink App, select Pilot Features and turn on NFC

Step 2. Open tap + and add an NFC trigger

Step 3. Put your tag close to your phone’s NFC area(near the back camera of the phone) and keep stay while writing, then tap Done

Step 4. And set actions as you want and tap Save

Dark Mode

The Dark Mode that was shown in the Settings interface in previous versions now shows up in Pilot Features. It reduces the light emitted by device screens while maintaining the minimum color contrast ratios required for readability.

Customize Effective Period with Sunrise/Sunset

In this version, you can customize effective period with Sunrise or Sunset in Scene. You can set the prefer time according to your needs.

Step 1. Tap + in scene and add a Sunrise/Sunset trigger

Step 2. Select your city, effective period and then Save it

Step 3. And set actions as you want and tap Save

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