What’s new in recent eWeLink Web updates?

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What's new in recent Web updates

Imagining control your smart bulbs and light strips on any web browser, no APP launching required, just quick and done? Here is eWeLink web, a beyond-APP feature that we upgrade monthly basis, check what’s NEW in recent versions.
  • Light bulbs & Light strip: SONOFF B02/B05 bulbs, SONOFF L2 /L5 Lite, and the YEELIGHT lights.
You are not only can ON/OFF device directly, you also can set different recommended modes, different colors, brightness, comfortable color temperature, assign or reassign to different location. Any configuration you set will be applied to the device immediately.
  • ZigBee smart plug: ZigBee iPlug Series like SONOFF S40 Lite.
Now you can control the device ON/OFF, edit the name, and assign the location on the Web dashboard. You also can check for upgrade via Device Manament > Check for Upgrades.

Switches: SONOFF S-MATE Switch Mate, SwitchMan Scene Controller

Added support for SONOFF S-MATE and R5 scene controller. Each channel can be controlled individually.

What else can I do with the Web

  • Set your Dashboard to display the devices you use often
  • Manage devices and scenes on PC or Mac’s screen
  • Upgrade all devices in one click
  • Download electricity consumption data 
  • Setup Cast dashboard

What device does Web support

√ Switches & Sockets

√ Light bulbs & Light strips

√ Sensors

√ Cameras

So far, most of device types have been integrated to the eWeLink Web, and we are still in the process of integrating devices on the eWeLink Web. If your devices haven’t been supported on Web, please leave the device model here.

Join us

eWeLink Web version is giving you quick access to eWeLink on a large screen on PC or Mac’s screen with any browser, where devices can be easily managed. Upgrade to advanced plan and manage your eWeLink devices in a new way.

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