What’s New in eWeLink Camera App V1.3.6

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More Features, Better Experience

When our team is updating the eWeLink Camera App, one thing we always keep in mind is that, we design the features for eWeLink users, and with eWeLink users. We heard your voices and we’re more than happy to implement the ideas. After a month of feature evaluation and development, we bring you four new features in V1.3.6.

What's New

· Device sharing

Share the camera with your family, so he/she will get access to the live streaming. When you share the device, you’re actually sharing with them peace of mind.

· Siren

When you’re viewing the live feed, suddenly notice there is a stranger in your house, however, you’re on vacation or at work at the moment. One click to activate the siren, and the stranger would be scared away.

· Flashlight

Turn on your camera phone’s LED flash, and view the streaming clearly when the room gets dark.

· Snapshot

There might be some sweet moments you wanna keep forever. Take a snapshot and save them to your phone albums, and review it whenever you like.

Get it Now

To reduce waste and protect our planet, we can do our bit by recycling old devices into something brand new. If you haven’t installed eWeLink Camera App, now get the V1.3.6 on Google Play Store. Recycle your old phone, and give it a second life.

Stay tuned for more features in future eWeLink Camera App updates.



Notes: To unveil the new features, please make sure you have updated eWeLink App to V4.26.1 for iOS version, and V4.26.2 for Android version.

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