What’s New in eWeLink App V4.25

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A new version of eWeLink has been launched with the arrival of August. In V4.25, different channels of multi-channel devices can be used as triggers and actions at the same scene. At the same time, the dark mode of DUALR3 has also been optimized. Let’s have a look.

Optimization of multi-channel devices in scenes

In the past versions, we couldn’t use the same device as a trigger and an action at the same scene. We all know that multi-channel devices are very powerful. Considering that many users linked different devices to the different channels. In this new version, you can set the trigger and an action of different channels of the same device in the scene.

Step 1: Open your eWeLink and tap Scene

Step 2: Tap “+” on the upper right corner to create your scene

Step 3: Tap Add to set your trigger

Step 4: Tap Add to set your actions

Step 5: Confirm your trigger and actions, then click Save

Dark Mode of DUALR3

As we all know that dark mode is a pilot feature of eWeLink. We have been working hard to improve it. In this version, when you set the dark mode, the device home page of the DUALR3 will also be synchronized with the dark, helping you to control your DUALR3 comfortably in the dark. Click here to know how to set Dark Mode.

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