What’s new in eWeLink App V4.21

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What's new in eWeLink App V4.21

This version announced that temperature calibration is supported for Nspanels. With the optimization of the feature, we hope to deliver an accurate temperature reading for users. Besides, eWeLink embraces several new languages, such as Afrikaans and Latvian.

Calibrate Nspanel’s Display Temperature

Not long ago, we had feedback from our users that the temperature readings on their Nspanels were different from the actual room temperature. Yes, we hear from you and it’s frustrating to always keep calculating between the actual temperature and the reading temperature in mind; This version is dedicated to providing a temperature calibration without thinking twice when monitoring your surrounding temperature.

Step 1. Open eWeLink, tap your Nspanel and tap the settings button in the upper right corner.

Step 2. Scroll down to select Temp. Calibration.

Step 3. Set the calibration value. And tap Save.

For example, you could enter “-2” to lower the temperature reading for better matching the ambient temperature:

You could also enter “3” or “+3” to increase the temperature reading:

Set Temperature Range for Thermostat as Trigger

This update can also help you set your Nspanels’ thermostat temperature range. For example, you can trigger the heater to automatically turn on when the ambient temperature falls below a certain number range. Doing so will help keep your home at an ideal temperature all winter long without causing a spike in your utility bill.

Step 1. Tap your Nspanel and tap Thermostat.

Step 2. Select action device and tap Save.

Step 3. Select Channel you want and tap Save.

Step 4. Select Heater or Cooler and tap Next.

Step 5. Adjust the Temp. Accuracy, ranging from ±1 to ± 5, and tap Done.

Added support for Afrikaans and Latvian

We always strive to provide you with more localized languages. Staring this version, we have integrated into 36 languages, thanks to the generous help and devotion of our volunteers.

Languages supported are listed below:

If you would like to spend your time and energy to translate on a volunteering base for us and for your language as well, please email us at: [email protected]

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