What you can learn from the various icons on device cards?

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When you open the home page of the eWeLink app, you will see many icons on the device tiles and you might don’t really know what they are standing for.

Don’t worry. We’re here to help make sense of them and you will have clear ideas of your devices.
Let’s check what do the various icons mean on device tiles from Device Types and Device Features. You also can use the “Jump to” links below to quickly grab the information you want to know.

Device type


Generally, every device you add to the eWeLink app will display on the “Home” page as a device tile. Now we have five main device types: Wifi, Remote, ZigBee, Shared, and HA device types. You can know the device type by seeing the icon on the right corner of the device tile. 

Device feature


At the right corner of the device tile, it would also display some feature icons. LAN mode and device group are two of the device features that have their displayed icons at the right corners. 

Device status


We assigned colors to different device statuses to differentiate them: the active and inactive parts. When the device is offline, the device tile is grayed out and shows “offline”.



As more features are added to the eWeLink app, more icons appear. Recognizing every icon and knowing what they exactly represent are practical to ease your confusion during the process of using the app.

Now that you can recognize some of the most common icons, your device can easily communicate to you its various statuses with a quick glance in the device tiles.

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