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As many of you may know, eWeLink Support devices are compatible with the SmartThings app now. It doesn’t matter if you don’t, as we are so excited that we don’t mind saying it again.

Through linking your eWeLink account, you can add eWeLink Support devices to the SmartThings app to control them, create schedules, and build automation with them.  But here comes the question, what types of devices in the world are supported?

Let’s dive in and find the answer. 

There are two ways to add eWeLink Support devices to your SmartTings account, either by brand or by device type. Whether you choose to add by brand or by device type, you can’t go around choosing device type. Therefore, it is crucial for you to select the correct device type. 

At the moment, eWeLink has incorporated the 4 most popular device types categorized by Smartthings, that is, outlet, switch/dimmer, lighting, and open/closed sensor by Samsung. 


Outlet refers to smart plugs and sockets. 

For cloud-to-cloud linking, eWeLink has integrated all WiFi smart plugs and sockets of 1 gang to 4 gangs, such as SONOFF S26, and SONOFF S55.

WiFi smart plugs with power measurement are also supported, such as SONOFF POW. SONOFF POWR2, S31, etc.


Switch/Dimmer is the device type that covers most on/off type products, including but not limited to eWeLink Support WiFi smart switches of 1 gang, 2 gangs, 3 gangs and 4 gangs, such as SONOFF 4CHR3/PROR3 , DIY products such as SONOFF MINI R2, SONOFF TX, SONOFF BASIC R2.

Of course, the star product, WiFi switch with temperature and humidity measurement can’t be left out, such as SONOFF TH10/16.


Smart lighting products are the most ubiquitous and interesting smart devices in your home. This time, eWeLink has made it possible for you to use the following lighting devices in SmartThings app. 

White light bulb which allows you to control and automate remotely in eWeLink app, such as this one.

White Tunable light bulb whose color temperature can be adjusted from warm white to cold white.

Color light bulb which sets the best mood for every moment in your life by changing RGB colors.

Music Light Strip that syncs with music and let you see the music with strobing and colorful lighting such as SONOFF L1.

Open/Closed Sensor

For the sensor category, only eWeLink Support Zigbee window/door sensors are supported, such as SONOFF SNZB-04. 

Moving forward, we will make more eWeLink Support compatible with the SmartThings app. We are also planning to introduce a more in-depth linking method. 

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