Power-on State to preset devices’ state upon the power returns.

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It happens all the time, lightning strikes in dark skies and rain pouring down, then it won’t be long before the power outage. Or you must cut off the whole or part of the power or be unplugged for some reason. Traditionally we have to open the eWeLink app and turn “on” our devices when the power comes back on. When it comes to 10+ smart switches plus 15+ smart plugs and more devices, apparently it’s a little more heavy workload than you think.

"Power-On State" can ease your work.

Device Settings > Power-On State allows you to preset the devices’ state to either ON or OFF or Last state upon the power returns.

How to set?

Step 1: Open the eWeLink app and select your device.

Step 2: Tap the button on the upper right of the page of your device.

Step 3: Roll down to find Power-on State.

Step 4: Set the action for the device.

  • OFF – When device recovers from a power loss, the state will be OFF.
  • ON – When device recovers from a power loss, the state will be ON.
  • Last state – When device recovers from a power loss, the state will maintain the previous state of the device (before power loss).


  1. Please be subject to the actual device capabilities.
  2. You can’t set the state of devices shared by others.
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