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Not long ago, we released the support for the SmartThings app on some eWeLink Support devices. Only the switches or sockets could be added to the Samsung SmartThings app with the initial integration. This time, we have moved one step further and made it possible for you to add the following devices as well. In case you don’t know how to link with the SmartThings app, please click here to see our instructions.

Curtain motor

Link your eWeLink account with the SmartThings app, and you will be able to create automation, schedules, and control the device in both eWeLink app and the SmartThings app.

RF Bridge

Learn all the 433MHz remotes or sensors with RF Bridge and get push alerts from eWeLink app. Add multiple RF remotes in this one bridge for app control. 

RGB light bulb

Zigbee is the best protocol for sensors for its low battery consumption. You can now add eWeLink Support Zigbee temperature and humidity sensors to the SmartThings app to check the current temperature and humidity.

Zigbee temp. and humid. sensor

Make your regular curtain smart by installing an electric motor to it. Set a schedule to let sunshine in every morning when the sun rises.

Dimmer switch

The eWeLink Support smart RGB light bulb offers a selection of 16 million colors. Create the right atmosphere with a tap on the screen. Fit in any scenes out of the box.

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