Let’s sync Your YEELIGHT Devices to eWeLink

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How many YEELIGHT devices do you have at home? Are you frustrated by the need to use two apps to control your eWeLink devices and your YEELIGHT devices? Let’s sync your YEELIGHT devices to the eWeLink app!
👇Keep reading to learn how to do it.


1. Download and install the YEELIGHT App on Google Play Store / App Store.
2. Register an account and log into the YEELIGHT App.

Account Linking

1. Open the eWeLink app and tap +, Select Link Accounts, find YEELIGHT and tap Link.

2. Enter your YEELIGHT account and Password, then tap Sign in, then you’ve linked YEELIGHT with eWeLink successfully. Tap Sync Devices.

3. Select the device you want to sync and tap Confirm on the top right.

You’ve synced your YEELIGHT devices into the eWeLink ecosystem. Start controlling them in the eWeLink app directly.

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