Introducing the eWeLink Web 3.0

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of eWeLink WEB 3.0, which introduces a whole new experience for managing your smart home. This major update brings some exciting improvements that make controlling your devices simpler and more streamlined than ever before.


A Modern, Intuitive Interface


The interface has been completely overhauled with a clean, uncluttered design. The dashboard neatly organizes your devices by room, with customizable names and icons (change the icons in eWeLink app). The menus and buttons have been revamped to focus on the most important functions. Navigation is intuitive and you can easily find what you need. The fresh minimalist aesthetic creates an enjoyable user experience.


Enhanced Performance and Stability


Under the hood, we’ve optimized the infrastructure powering eWeLink WEB. The service now runs more smoothly and reliably. Connecting and controlling your devices is faster and lag-free. We’ve also expanded compatibility to support over 100 different device types from a wide range of brands. Whether you have just a few gadgets or a whole smart home, eWeLink handles it with stability.


Speedy Login with QR Codes


The new Scan-to-Login feature lets you skip typing passwords. Just scan the QR code by the eWeLink app and you’ll be logged in instantly. It’s incredibly fast, taking just seconds. QR code login is also highly secure, protecting your account and privacy.


More to Come


This is just the beginning for eWeLink WEB 3.0. We’ll continuously improve it by rolling out new updates. Give the new version a try today and let us know your feedback! We’re committed to making eWeLink the best way to manage and control your smart home.


Try the new eWeLink Web now:




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