How to Use IFTTT to Control eWeLink Devices?

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If This Then That, or IFTTT, is a free online service that integrates your favorite products and online services together to establish conditions among apps and other devices. Now EWeLink has seamlessly integrated with IFTTT. By connecting “eWeLink Smart Home” on IFTTT App or, you can create favourite applets to trigger on/off devices by another or other product and services, or you can trigger on/off other services or products by the device. There are some available applets for you. You can also create more new applets. IFTTT provides you with unlimited possibilities.

What you’ll need?

First, make sure your eWeLink app has models. You can change the model names to easily recognized ones. 
Download IFTTT app and install it on your phone. Register an account and log in. Or you can directly go to to register and log in.

How to connect IFTTT with eWeLink?

1. Launch IFTTT app, and tap Search. Enter “eWeLink” to search. You’ll find the “eWeLink Smart Home”. Tap on it.

2. You’ll enter “eWeLink Smart Home” page.

3. Pull down the page to find available applets. We have provided some simple applets. If the available applets cannot meet your needs, you can create new applets.
Because we have a 4 channel switch called ”device-1a96a4” on the eWeLink account. Now we would like to show you how to use the applet of Email notification when your eWeLink 4 Channels Switch is turned on or off.

4. Tap on the applet of Email notification when your eWeLink 4 Channels Switch is turned on or off.

5. Tap Turn on, it will require accessing to “eWeLink Smart Home”. Tap on OK.

6. Then you’ll need to enter eWeLink account and log in.

7. Once successfully connect with the eWeLink account, it will return to the applet. Pull down the applet page, you’ll see 3 options: Which 4-channel switch? Which Channel? Turn on or off? 

8. All the 4 channel devices on your eWeLink account can be found in the option, please select the options according to your own needs. Here we select the trigger condition as when channel 3 of my device-1a96a4 is turned on.

9. Tap the ✓ on the upper right corner. It will prompt Success.

10. You’ll return to the applet page you use. It can be viewed on My Applets.

11. Open the eWeLink app, turn on channel 4 of my device-1a96a4. It will trigger on the applet instantly.

12. The IFTTT account related email address will receive a notification email.

How to create your own eWeLink Smart Home applet?

1. Go to My Applets, tap “+” to create a new applet.

2. You’ll enter into the condition and action making page. Tap on “+this” to make a trigger condition.

3. Search eWeLink.

4. Enter eWeLink Smart Home.

5. Here, we select 1 Channel Plug turned on or off, and we select the device and action, tap✓.

6. Click “+then” to select an action to be executed. 

7. Search the service you want to set as an action to be run. Here we take TP-Link Kasa as example, and make the action as turn on HS100 plug. Search kasa, tap TP-Link Kasa (Beta).

8. Enter Kasa’s page, you’ll see all the actions.


9. Select Turn on, it will direct you to Connect.

10. Enter TP-Link Kasa account to authorize.

11. Then select a device to be turned on. Tap ✓.

12. You can preview the applet.

13. Tap Finish to create.

How to use other apps or services to trigger on a eWeLink device?

You can create all kinds of applets by using other IFTTT supported apps and services to trigger on Sonoff device or vice versa.
Below we’ll make an applet by using weather underground as the condition to trigger on a Sonoff device.

1. Tap “+” on My Applets to create a new one.

2. Tap +this to add a trigger condition.

3. Search weather underground.

4. Enter into the Weather Underground, you’ll see all the available conditions.

5. Select Current temperature rises above 25 Celsius.

6. Tap +then to add an action to be triggered.

7. Search eWeLink and tap eWeLink Smart Home.

8. Enter the interface. Select Turn 4 Channels Plug on or off. And select a device and action.

9. Preview the applet and tap Finish.

10. You’ll see your newly created applet. When the temperature rises above 25 celsius, it will auto-turn on the Sonoff device.

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