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How to make your home smart with eWeLink

How to display eWeLink Cast dashboard in full screen

When you want to use the tablet as a control panel for a long time, you may find that the tablet cannot hide its status/notification bar, and even the address bar of some browsers can take up a little screen height, just a little bit away from perfection.

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How to prevent others from switching your Cast dashboards?

How to set a PIN code for the dashboard to prevent others from switching your Cast dashboards? eWeLink Cast allows you to create up to 5 dashboards and to switch between them on a single tablet, when you display a dashboard on your tablet and don’t want others to switch to another, try setting PIN code.

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eWeLink CamSync User Guide

eWeLink CamSync allows you to watch the local RTSP camera’s live stream on eWeLink app, eWeLink web, Amazon Echo Show and Google Nest Hub.

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