Get voice reminds from Echo when eWeLink sensor’s status changes

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Smart sensors are useful, and help us to monitor if the door or window is open, whether there is movement in a specific area, or even if a water leak happens.

But getting alerts from these sensors through the associated app is not enough, as it may be drowned in the mass of app push notifications. But if you have an Amazon Echo, by taking advantage of the TTS(Text To Speech) feature of Alexa routines, you can now have your Echo alert you with voice prompts when the status of the sensor changes, and even customize the prompts, like “Your door is open” when door sensor opened, “There is a movement in my garage” when PIR sensor is triggered, or other meaningful even quirky prompts you wanted, furthermore, active time can be customized also to avoid unnecessary disturbance.

Follow the steps below right now, set up your unique voice alerts, and level your smart home to the next stage.

Step 1. Account Linking

Link your eWeLink account to Alexa first. Learn how to finish accounting linking in 30 seconds here.

Step 2. Syncing Devices

Sync your devices to Alexa App. Enter the Devices page in Alexa App. “xx devices discovered” will appear at the top of the page. Tap “View” to sync.

Step 3. Create a Routine

First, go into “More > Routines”, and tap “+” to create a routine.  Enter the routine name. 

Add condition: 

tap “+”, select “Smart Home”, and then choose a sensor. Here we take a bedroom door sensor as an example. Last, choose one status to trigger actions. We choose “Open” in this case. 

Add action: 

tap “+”, select “Alexa Says”, and and then we can customize what Alexa should say according to the sensor we choose. For example, we could provide text like “Bedroom door is open.”

Add effective period: 

you can select any period if necessary. Ignore it if you don’t need to set it.

Choose a broadcasting device: 

don’t forget to choose an Alexa device like Echo Dot to play the response. It turns the text we provided into spoken words.

There are lots of cases waiting to be explored with Alexa routines and eWeLink smart devices, like streaming live video to your Echo show when your camera detects a motion or broadcasts the temperature when the TH sensor hits the set value, etc.

Free to place your idea in our forum and inspire more users here.

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